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The Santa Round-up 2017 | TOKYO


Where can I visit Santa in Tokyo?

This list is specifically for places you can visit Santa in TOKYO in November and December 2016. Please be aware that Santa meet and greets are not like what you might be used to in your home country. There is generally no grotto and he doesn’t give out a present. A “Finland” Santa generally refers to the real Santa from Lapland.  As of the 27th of November 2016 there are 33 Santa Claus locations on this list, more will be added if new information comes to light.  You can find 18 Santa locations in CHIBA here: The Santa Round-up 2016 | CHIBA. And 23 locations for SAITAMA here: The 2016 Santa Round up for SAITAMA.

Most of the locations that have Santa visiting do state that as Santa is a busy man there maybe changes to the event’s time and location, and even availability of Santa, so please do always ring ahead or check with the official site before heading out the door.

If you wish to have Santa visit your home, Guy Totaro can put you in touch with the real Santa in Tokyo with his “In Home Santa” service:

Please feel free to share this Santa in Tokyo information around. is a free and not-for-profit blog sharing information for those who don’t read Japanese.



UPDATED LaQua, Tokyo Dome City

Santa will be walking around LaQua in Tokyo Dome City at 3 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm and 6 pm on December 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th. Each session he will be around for about 30 minutes. This year they don’t have any mention of a photo opportunity with him on their official site, but according to Tokyo Dome City newsletter “say hello and get your photo taken with him”.
Japanese webpage: LaQua’s Christmas Information 2016


*The up-to-date information for 2017 is here. *

Toysrus and Babiesrus

The Toysrus Santa will start visiting stores around the country from December 3rd. This Santa is often Japanese. In Tokyo, the first store to have him visit is the Ikebukuro Sunshine City branch. On the 4th he will be in Odaiba and Machida Tamasaki branches.  Then on the 10th in Toshimaen and Musashi Murayama (See MORI TOWN below also). He will visit the Tama branch on the 11th. On the 17th in TOYS R US Fuchu. In BABIES R US Fuchu on the 24th. He will visit for 30 minutes five times in each place. The full list by date is here (Japanese):


Grandberry Mall

Grandberry Mall is a popular place to visit Santa in Machida, Tokyo. This year the dates have been set for the 23rd, the 24th and the 25th. They have increased the number of Santa Greetings from three to four, at 11 am, 1, 3 and 5 pm. The 1st 100 lined up will get to meet Santa and receive a sweet treat from him.

Ario Nishi Arai

The real Santa (Finnish) will visit Ario in Nishi Arai on December 23rd at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm. The location within the store will be revealed at 9 am on that day.


UPDATED Gate City Plaza

The official website has now been updated. Santa will be at Gate City on December 23rd.  Santa will visit from 1 pm and participate in an interactive show on stage. You can get photos taken with Santa from 1.30 to 2.30 pm or from 4 to 5 pm.  Each time they will afford 150 families the opportunity to get a photo with Santa. Tickets for this event will be distributed from 9 am. The official website (Japanese) is:  

NEW Lumine Ogikubo

(Added 24/11). Santa is visiting the Ogikubo branch of Lumine on December 23rd. They don’t specify if he is a Finland / Lapland Santa or not. He will meet and greet and give out candy three times during the day at midday, 2 pm and 5 pm.  Official site:

NEW Lumine Kitasenju

(Added 27/11) Santa Claus will visit the 10th floor of Lumine in Kitasenju three times on December 23rd, at 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm. Each time he will be there for 30 minutes.  The official website does not have the details online yet, but Tokyo event websites are reporting his planned visit. Lumine Kitasenju website:


Royal Park Hotel

The hotel offers 2 ways to meet Santa for patrons of their coffee shop Symphony. You can book online already to participate in a Santa dessert in the late afternoon or a Santa buffet in the early evening on December 21st and 22nd.  More information in Japanese:

NEW Lalaport Toyosu

(Added 25/11) There are news articles in Japanese that Santa is visiting Lalaport in Toyasu, but the official site does not support that information yet. It is reported that he will visit on December 24th at 11.30 am, 1 pm, 2.30 pm and 4 pm for 30 minutes each time. 50 families will get the chance to meet him each session and you can take a photo with him (with your own camera). This is a free event.
Lalaport Toyosu URL:


Rumour has it that Santa will visit Mori Town between December 23rd and 25th, three times a day, for a find Santa event.  Santa will be hiding somewhere in Mori Town, find him to get a sweet from him and a photo taken with him. The times are 11.30 am, 1.30 pm and 3 pm. It is a free event. The information has not yet been updated on their website, which is:
He is visiting the Toysrus in Mori Town on the 10th of December, although its not yet known if it is a Finland Santa or not.

UPDATED Nihonbashiya Takashimaya

The real Santa from the North Pole is set to visit Takashimaya in Nihonbashi four times on Christmas Eve for a meet and greet. The times are 11 am, 1, 3 and 5 pm. Information has not yet been added to their website.

There is also an event on December 10th and 11th at 2 and 4 pm on the 5th floor where Santa will make balloon animals.



NEW Kidzania

Green Santa is visiting Kidzania in December. They have released the information on their website where you can get details on how to participate in this event.
Official site: Kidzania Christmas Information 2016


UPDATED Haneda Airport

Again the information for 2016 is not yet available, but The real Santa from Finland (formerly Lapland) has been confirmed on Haneda Airport ‘s website. He will visit 4 times a day between December 23rd and December 25th at 10.30 am, 12.30, 3 and 5 pm.


Hotel New Otani

You can see Santa in his Grotto everyday at the Hotel New Otani. However, he is not necessarily available for photos and the times are not provided. If you are lucky you can spot him at work or even better get a photo opportunity.  Official website (Japanese only):
On this blog in English:

Sunshine Aquarium

This year, Sunshine Aquarium ‘s theme is “Colourful Christmas”. They have their famous Santa dive where Santa is in the aquarium in full Santa attire. The penguins don Santa hats and they have a number of events running during the period.

There is a Shibuya Santa Festival from December 1st to 25th, but no details are provided on whether you can meet Santa Claus or not. Also, times and dates are not provided for when he is on site.

 There may still be some Santa Claus locations to unearth in Tokyo, but I know that a lot of people are waiting for this list. I thank you for your patience and support. Santa information in English is still sorely lacking, I couldn’t find anywhere else with more than 5 places listed so I’ve worked hard to bring you as many as possible. PLEASE if you do know of somewhere else I can add, do let me know so we can help everyone find a Santa near them. 🙂 


OVER Hibarigaoka Parco Santa

Said to be the first Santa visit of the year in Tokyo, Santa Claus visited Parco in Hibarigaoka on November 11th.

OVER  Haneda Airport International Terminal STATION

(Added 24/11). A Finnish Santa will visit the Haneda Airport International Terminal train station on November 26th. Only 25 families will receive tickets to meet him, which will be distributed on the 3rd floor from 2 pm that day. The Santa visits are scheduled for 4.15 pm and 4.50 pm. There are 2 conditions; you must have a preschooler or younger in your party AND you must have a valid ticket for the train station. They don’t have the information on their offical website. Information in English on this blog:
Santa is coming to Haneda Airport International Terminal Station | TOKYO

OVER Saint Clair

Santa will visit at Ochanomizu for the 10th year in a row, from 11 am on December 3rd. This event is limited to the first 120 families.
Official Poster:
On this blog in English:


(Added 27/11) For children aged between 7 and 15 years old Santa’s Craftech Workshop is on December 4th from 1 to 5pm.   The 3000 yen fee for one adult and one child includes; “Visit and Photo Time with Santa, Crafts, Cookies and Drinks (hot chocolate or juice for kids coffee or hot chocolate for adults). Photos and video will shot during Craftech Kids to be used on the Lowp website and social media.” This event **requires booking**.  LOWP webpage: For more about Santa:

OVER NishiKasai Center

(Added 27/11) Santa visit (10 am or 1 pm) AND Christmas Dinner Party (4 pm) with Santa, with activities, games and photo with Santa on December 10th. The 3rd session from 4 pm is for children 4 and up. This one **requires booking** soon and costs money.  It costs 6,500 yen for one adult and one child for non-members and 5,500 yen for Kids International members. An additional adult is 1,200 yen, an additional child is 3,700 yen. You can get a list of prices and full details in English on the event’s official webpage: 

OVER Tokyu Hyakkaten Honten

(Added 27/11) Santa Claus from Finland will visit between 2 and 3 pm on the 17th of December. The first 50 families will be able to meet and greet Santa. The event is restricted to families with children under 7 years old. Tickets for the event will be distributed at 9.40 am on the 17th.
In English on this blog:

OVER Ito Yokado

(Added 24/11) A Lapland Santa will visit the Kasai Branch of Ito Yokado on December 18th at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm. Event webpage: More information in English on this blog: Lapland Santa at Ito-Yokado | TOKYO



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      I know, its mad isn’t it. And this year it is actually quite a good list in comparison to previous years. It took me 6 years to find the Santa we visit in Japan and he is the only 1 I know of that has a Grotto. It is so totally different to home (Ireland).

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