Shinozuno Tennosama festival Shiraoka

I personally had never heard of Shiraoka’s Shinozuno or Shinoduno Tennosama festival before. I was looking up something else on the Shiraoka City website last year and saw information for the festival. So last year I just added it to the July event round up post as an external link. But I have decided to give it a post of its own this year. But again, because I know little to nothing about it, I’m just sharing the information available on Shiraoka City’s website in Japanese.

Shiraoka Shinozuno Tennosama Festival

There are a lot of “Tennosama”, also spelt “Tennousama”, festivals on in summer annually. This one in Shiraoka is on Sunday July 14th, from 10 am, in 2024. It is the festival of Shinozuga Shrine. Five festival floats are paraded through the streets of rural Shiraoka. The floats have carvings of (among other things) dragons, chinese lions, peonies, waves and clouds. At night, the lanterns on the floats are lit up. It appears to be a smaller, and even more local type summer festival than the Shiraoka Festival that is on later in summer, in August. Probably best suited to people living in the area.


Event: Shinozuno Tennosama festival 篠津の天王様

Date: Sunday July 14th 2024

Time: from 10 am to nightfall

Cost: there is no admission fee

Venue: Vicinity of Shinozuga and Shinozu Hisaizu Shrines. Shinozuga Shrine, 1834 Shinozu, Shiraoka, Saitama 349-0204. View on Google Maps.


The road that runs by Shinozuga Shrine and Shinozu Hisaizu Shrine will be closed off for much of the festival. Furthermore, there is no official parking for this event. It is best to come on foot or by public transport. Both Shin-shiraoka and Shiraoka stations are about a 30 minute walk from the festival area. Shin-shiraoka station and Shiraoka station are on the JR Utsunomiya Line.

Official web page.

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