Someya Iris Garden

One of the best places to see Iris in Saitama Prefecture is at Someya Iris Garden in Saitama City. There are approximately 20,000 iris flowers of 200 different varieties. Which, as far as I know, also makes it the largest iris garden in Saitama Prefecture. The garden posted on their website today, May 21st 2024, that they will open the garden from this Saturday, May 25th. They posted again on the 19th to say they are closed now as the flowers have finished.

Someya Iris Garden

Someya Iris Garden

The garden is particularly picturesque with wooden boardwalks and garden pagodas. In one area the boardwalk is raised into a dais, which gives a great view of the colorful garden. The pagodas also serve as rest areas, so you can sit among the flowers. In addition, there is also a dedicated rest area, even a traditional tea house! However, the traditional tea house has not been open since the pandemic began. But it still adds a nice aesthetic to photos!

The garden only opens to the public during the period of bloom. In the past it had a fixed schedule of opening; from 1st of June to 30th of June annually, as the iris always bloomed around then. However, in recent years they haven’t been able to work to that fixed schedule, because the iris bloom has not been as predictable as before. Now they set a date to open when the flowers bloom, which has been late May recently. They decide the closing date at a later stage, judging on the condition of the flowers.

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Event: Someya Iris Garden 2024 Season 令和6年度の染谷花菖蒲の開園

Dates: from Saturday May 25th 2024 – closed on the 19th of June.

Time: during the bloom period they generally open everyday. During the bloom period you can access the garden between 9 am and 5 pm.

Cost: 500 yen per adult, 200 yen for elementary school aged children and people over 75 years old. Parking costs 300 yen per car.

Venue: Someya Iris Garden 染谷はなしょぶ蒲 2 Chome-248 Someya, Minuma Ward, Saitama, 337-0026. View on Google Maps.

Someya Hanashobu Garden Access

You can get a Kokusai Kougyo bus bound for Someya Shindo from Omiya Station. The garden is about a ten minute walk from the bus stop. By car the nearest interchange is Shin-Toshin Nishi on the Shuto Expressway Saitama Route.

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