Tokorozawa Tower Festival

Each year in May there is a Tower Festival at the Tokorozawa Tower Mansion Street at the West exit of Tokorozawa Station. This year will be the 28th occurrence of the festival. There are festival stalls with food and games, as well as live entertainment on the day.

Tokorozawa Tower Festival

At the West exit of Tokorozawa Station there is a block of apartments, known locally as the towers. The street in front is called Tokorozawa Ginza shopping street, which the locals lovingly call Tokogin! Festival stalls are set up at key points along the street selling food and handmade goods. There are also stage performances at Toko Toko Square. In addition, you can participate in a quiz rally on the day for a 200 yen fee. If you complete the rally you are entered into a lottery. There are a variety of prizes. You can pick up a rally form in front of Seibu department store or also at Motomachi Community Square from noon.


Event: Tokorozawa Tower Festival 2024 第28回所沢とことこタワーまつり

Date: Sunday May 12th 2024

Time: from 10 am to 4 pm, the walk rally is from noon.

Cost: to participate in the walk rally it costs 200 yen.

Venue: from the west exit of Tokorozawa Station to Motomachi Community Square, 27-5 Motomachi, Tokorozawa, Saitama 359-1121. View on Google Maps.


The starting point for the walk rally is at Waltz / Seibu Department store beside the west exit of Tokorozawa Station. The walk from Tokorozawa Station to Motomachi Community Square is about one kilometer one way. In addition, the live music is a few minutes walk at Tokotoko Square.

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