Yoshikawa cherry blossom light up

Each year in spring, during the period of the cherry blossoms, Yoshikawa City have cherry blossom light up in two different areas. The event was originally supposed to end on April 5th, so I was going to wait until next year to share this cherry blossom light up event. But then I saw today that they have extended the light up right up until April 14th. Therefore I decided to add it for anyone looking for places that still have ‘yozakura’ cherry blossom light up this weekend! Thankfully there are a few options for yozakura this weekend as several places have extended their light up until this coming Sunday, the 14th.

Yoshikawa Cherry Blossom Light Up

Unfortunately, I have not been to this location myself personally. Moreover, of all the cities and towns in Saitama Prefecture, I am probably the least familiar with Yoshikawa City. So please do forgive me if I translate the place names incorrectly.

According to the official website, there are two areas they light up the cherry blossoms. One is along the Naka River, a stretch of river which I believe is called Nakagawadai kasenjiki or Nakagawadai riverbed. It is 中川台河川敷 in Japanese. Judging from the map on Yoshikawa City’s website, the area is to the West of a large apartment block called Yoshikawa ekimae jūtaku or Yoshikawa Station Front Housing. The other area where they have light up is the “dai ni pocket park”, which is also known as Kiuriraku. It is located beside the larger Seki Park.


Event: Yoshikawa Cherry Blossom Light Up よしかわさくらライトアップ

Dates: from March 22nd to Sunday April 14th 2024. (Originally was scheduled to end April 5th and was extended).

Time: light up is from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Cost: there is no admission fee.

Venue: ① Nakagawadai Riverbed, Nakagawadai, Yoshikawa, Saitama 342-0047. View the apartment complex on Google Maps. The cherry blossoms are to the west of it, along the river. ② Kiuriraku Dai 2 Pocket Park, 1-chōme-73 Yoshikawa, Saitama 342-0055. View on Google Maps.

Official event page.

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