We go out to eat a lot as a family, but with a newborn it can be challenging. Most of the aisles in restaurants in our part of Japan are too narrow for our Out and About buggy or our Graco double buggy, meaning we have to carry the baby.  There are restaurants with tatami floors where you can lie a baby beside you, as we have done in the past, but these come with other issues and concerns. We have eaten in some hotels that actually provide Moses baskets or some form of day bed, but for a casual meal out we prefer to go to a family restaurant. Therefore, dinner often involved hubby or I either taking turns holding the baby, or one of us wearing them in a baby carrier trying to coordinate hand to mouth without spilling too much food on the baby.  That is until serendipity led us to a family restaurant with bassinets for newborns or babies who are not yet mobile. It only took to our fourth child to discover these convenient gems, but better late than never. This particular bassinet was enjoyed in the Bamiyan on route 406 in Higashi Matsuyama. Unfortunately, not every Bamiyan has them, as we discovered at the weekend when the kawagoe branch staff had no idea what we were talking about!

If there is a place you like to go to while dining with a small baby, please do share in the comments. ????

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  1. I never knew what a family oriented country Japan was until reading your posts! This is such a wonderful idea… I would certainly go to a restaurant often if they were so helpful making sure I (and my little one) was so comfortable while eating my meal.

    1. I was quite surprised, too, when I first came here and even more so after I had my first child. There are great facilities in shops, play centers and malls, too. For example, family toilets – aha, I know what to post today! Thanks for the inspiration ????

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