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Back by popular demand! In 2012 I used to write a weekly round up of weekend events that was very popular. I only dropped it because it was very time consuming. But now that the events calendar is well established, it is easier. I am reintroducing “This weekend in Saitama”, by request, on a trial basis. You can of course find an event at anytime through the events calendar.

The only way I can see a weekly round up working is if I just link already existing event posts from the event calendars. This is not to generate more traffic! It is time saving. If you click into the event it will have all the pertinent information, but even without clicking into it you can see the date, time and location in the preview window. Here we go!…

What’s on this weekend in Saitama?

This weekend in Saitama ~ February 2nd and 3rd 2019. A choice of 10 events on in Saitama this weekend:

Only in Japan Traditional Events

👹Bean Throwing Festival, Kitain, Kawagoe

There are several locations around Saitama where you can enjoy “mamemaki” or bean throwing festival. Kitain is one I have personally been to and the kids and I enjoyed very much:

👹Setsubun Festival, Souganji Temple, Kazo

The setsubun festival at Souganji Temple is more than just a “mamemaki” bean throwing festival. It is a full day of special events and performances and is famous throughout the Kanto plain:


🍲Nabe Grand Prix, Wako

In 2017 this was a huge event as Wako hosted the “All Japan” Nabe grand prix. This year it is just the Saitama competition, but there will be nabe from about 20 different restaurants:

☕Pop Up Cafe

We rarely have pop up cafes in Saitama, but we currently have a Hamtaro Pop Up cafe in Koshigaya:

🍓Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking is in full swing now and this weekend is prime picking time. Some of the strawberry picking farms will only open until the end of February, although most will run until May. Find a strawberry picking farm near you:

Bloom Viewing and Festivals

🌼Satte Daffodil Festival

Gongendo Park in Satte might be famed for its cherry blossoms and rapeseed flowers, but the park has flower festivals throughout the year. Currently there are over half a million daffodils in bloom:

❀Nagatoro Wintersweet Festival

Possibly the most famous place for wintersweet in Saitama, the wintersweet garden in Nagatoro is currently a vibrant dash of yellow. The ropeway offers a quick way to the top of the mountain or you can hike up in just over an hour. The wintersweet festival is on until February 24th.

Natural Phenomenon

❄Ashigakubo Icicles

The “three icicles of Chichibu” are one of the most famous winter scene of Saitama. And particularly beautiful when lit up at night. Only one of them, the hardest to get to, Misotsuchi is completely natural. Onouchi icicles are also quite of the beaten path. But the Ashigakubo icicles are relatively easy to get to:

⛸Kasa Natural Ice Rink

There are a number of seasonal ice rinks in Saitama such as in Kawaguchi Green Center, Seibu Amusement Park and Koshigaya. However, Kasa Ice rink is the only naturally formed ice rink that I know of in Saitama. The locals band together to make it a safe ice rink for a short period during winter:


🎆White Lantasia Fireworks at Seibuen

A lot of the larger winter illuminations will finish up on Valentine’s day, but Seibu Amusement Park’s Winter Lantasia Illumination will continue until early March. But in celebration of Valentines they have some firework displays in early February:

This is just one of many illumination events available this week. And this choice of ten is less than half of what is detailed in the events calendar. You can also find upcoming events for the rest of February, March… right the way up to July! Check it out!

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