Tokorozawa dolls festival

Information for the Tokorozawa Dolls Festival, officially known as Tokorozawa Hina Monogatari 野老澤雛物語, in 2022

The Tokorozawa Doll’s Festival

Tokorozawa celebrates its doll production history with this “monogatari” festival. they describe Monogatari as a narrative tale. They are believed to have developed from the oral storytelling of fiction. That is, even when a story is based on true historical events, they are fictionalized. They remind me of the stories of seanchai in (my own) Irish culture.

As far as I can tell the Monogatari used in relation to the Tokorozawa dolls’ festival relates to a story told by images, or particularly the dolls. During the event they display historic hina dolls, some of which were made in Tokorozawa. Doll making “Tokorozawa Ningyo” started in 1849 in Tokorozawa.

Tokorozawa Dolls Festival
From the official site

During the period of the Hina Dolls festival, if a shop in the Tokorozawa Machi Zukuri Shouten area has the image in the photo above displayed in their window, they have hina dolls on display in the shop. In addition to displaying dolls, some of the shops and restaurants will have special offerings during the display period.

Dolls display

The Hina dolls are on display in some shops and restaurants, around the area in the map below, during the period of the festival. In 2022, that will be from Friday February 11th to Sunday March 13th. The displays are open to the public between 10 am and 6 pm from Fridays to Wednesdays, closed on Thursdays.

There are normally crafting events on during the period. However, due to the pandemic there maybe none in 2022. That was the case in 2021. The flyer is not yet available for 2022. Moreover, the official website for the area that hosts the event, have not yet updated with 2022’s information. But according to Tokorozawa City they are planning to have the event in 2022. Moreover, they already have the information on their website, linked below this photo:

Official 2021 flyer for the Tokorozawa dolls festival
Flyer from 2021

Official web page on the Tokorozawa City website.


The area where the dolls are displayed, mapped below, is about a 12 minute walk from both Tokorozawa and Nishi-Tokorozawa Stations.

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