Tokorozawa Lily Festival
When and where can I see lilies in Saitama / Tokyo?

For lilies near Tokyo, the Tokorozawa Lily Garden is one of the most popular spots. They have a lily festival in June annually. The Lily Garden of Tokorozawa is close to Seibu Dome and Seibu Amusement park. It takes less than an hour to get to the lily festival from Tokyo. It costs 1100 yen to enter the lily garden.

For the second year in a row, the lily festival has been cancelled. Moreover, the park will not be open to the public. The festival was also cancelled in 2020 on account of the Coronavirus. The festival is normally held in the Lily Garden of Tokorozawa, a popular place for lilies near Tokyo. As it takes just 40 minutes from Tokyo to the Tokorozawa lilies. Prime viewing is generally mid June.

Despite the expense of entering the lily gardens the festival attracts thousands each year. It costs 1,100 yen for an adult to enter the lily garden and 350 yen for a child. If you have a Seibu Credit card tickets are half price. You can buy tickets from 7-11 ticket machines from Friday May 31st.

The flower garden is beside the Seibu Dome and close to Seibu Amusement park. It is also close to the Totoro’s forest.

Access Tokorozawa Lily Festival

The lily garden is only a few minutes walk, over a footbridge, from the Seibu Sayama and Seibu Ikebukuro lines Seibu Kyujo Mae station. It takes just over 40 minutes on the train from Ikebukuro station to Seibu Kyujo Mae.

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