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Information for the Tokorozawa Sunflowers / Sunflower Field and Festival also known as the Mikajima Sunflower fields or Himawari Batake 三ケ島ひまわり畑 in Japanese.

In 2020, they didn’t really make an official announcement, but the festival was not on. However, last year, they opened the fields to the public. They are planning to open the fields to the public again in 2022…

Tokorozawa Sunflower Field and Festival

There are approximately 20,000 sunflowers at the Tokorozawa Sunflower fields (Himawari Hatake). They are a hybrid variety. The Tokorozawa sunflowers generally bloom from the Obon holiday period and through to late August. As of August 25th 2022 they are now past their prime. Harvesting will start in September at which time you can receive sunflower seeds.

During the period that they are in bloom they usually have a live music performance in the sunflower fields on, weather permitting, from 3pm to 6.45 pm around the middle of August. They did not host this event in 2020 and they said they were not planning to in 2021 either. However, I believe there was a small music performance one day.

At the very end of the bloom period, when the flowers are dying the sunflowers seed. The farmer welcomes people to take the seeds. That is generally mid to late September.


Season: from around the middle of August to middle of September. Weather / typhoons can greatly influence the season. Update August 25th 2022: the farmer posted on Facebook today to say the sunflowers are now past their prime. They will be harvesting the sunflowers in September at which time you can receive sunflower seeds by request.

Cost: There is no charge to view the sunflowers or enter the sunflower fields. That is, this is a free event. Parking is free too.

Address: 4 Chome-2163ー1 Mikajima, Tokorozawa, Saitama 359-1164

Directions to the Tokorozawa Sunflower field

Access by train / bus: Take a Seibu bus for Waseda University 早稲田大学 from the South exit of Seibu Ikebukuro Line Kotesashi Station, alight at Dainichido 大日堂 . Its about a 7 minute walk from the station.

There is parking for about 20 cars at the Tokorozawa sunflower fields. There is no charge to park there.

The sunflower fields are located in the Sayama Hills area relatively near Kurosuke House where a life sized Totoro lives! But unfortunately Totoro has been off limits to the public since the pandemic began.

Official website is a Facebook page (here). Generally, the farmer posts on June 20th annually to say the sunflowers have been planted!

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