**Update on Baby Cafe Hoppe Kawagoe in June 2018**

Regrettably Baby Cafe Hoppe Kawagoe has closed permanently
Baby Cafe Hoppe

Today’s adventure brought us to the newest “Oyaka” (Parent and child) cafe, HOPPE, in Kawagoe, which only opened last year (2015). In essence it is really a Mother and baby / toddler cafe and it is the only one of its kind that I have ever visited. It is like being in a friend’s living room… an immaculate modern living room with waiting staff and endless supplies of tea and soft drinks! In fact, the cafe is actually a converted apartment in a regular apartment block.


The front door is locked so you can’t just walk in, you need to be buzzed in.  It requires booking and it is only for women (except Sundays) and children up to three years old in the morning. In the afternoon older children are welcome with children up to 6 free up until the end of March. From April 1st the system is changing slightly and only children under 3 are free. You can book and pay for an hour or two or a whole day. (Please check the website linked for up-to-date prices). If you book for 2 hours you get “service”, as they call it in Japan, of very fresh and delicious bread. If you book for a whole day, you can come and go as you please.


Baby Cafe Hoppe have lunch, desserts and snacks that you can purchase too and it is very reasonably priced. Pasta lunch was only 350 yen. You can use electronic foot massages for free and they have magazines and mangas that you can read while there.  For the kids they have lovely wooden toys, a slide and swing for baby. They have bumbo and wooden chairs for the kids to sit in for eating, and a nursing area and a changing area. You can buy baby food.

It is a wonderful space for Moms with babies and toddlers. My 1 year old absolutely loved it. She normally takes a while to warm to a new place, but today she felt very comfortable very quickly and was soon enjoying the toys and equipment. One of the staff entertained her for a while so us adults could chat. I really enjoyed the space too and I love the concept behind it. If you read Japanese, you can find lots of great information, and even a discount, on the cafe’s blog: https://hoppe.babymilk.jp/wordpress/

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Baby Cafe Hoppe Kawagoe access information is below the photos.


【店内で楽しく記念撮影会!】 【店内ではシーズン毎に楽しいウォールアートをご用意】モーニング娘OG 石黒彩さんもご来店くださいました。こんな記念撮影も当店ならでは! 【お席はフリー 赤ちゃんの気の向くままどうぞ】 【一組様でもゆったり楽しめ

Source: The official website is no longer available

Baby Cafe Hoppe Kawagoe Access


Baby Cafe Hoppe is a little tricky to find as it is in a regular apartment building.  The easiest way to find it is to turn at Fukido on route 229, the main road from Hon-Kawagoe going to the main tourist strip. Fukido is the glass shop with a large witch motif on the front which is easy to spot. Turn down that street and at the next small crossroads, on the right hand side opposite the Lawson is the apartment building with Hoppe in it. They usually have a clap board outside with baby cafe hoppe written on it.

The nearest station is Hon-Kawagoe on the Seibu Shinjuku line.



  1. This place looks great! Love discovering new Oyako places :). It’s a little far from you, but do you happen to know any good ones in Kanagawa?


    1. Actually, yes!!! I know a few…what part of Kanagawa are you in?

    2. …PS thank you for the follow and the comment. 🙂

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