Bread festival at Saitama Stadium 2002

The second annual Urawa Reds Bread Festival will take place this September. Following the success of the first ever bread festival in Saitama Stadium in 2022, Japan’s third largest football stadium, the fair will take place again in 2023. However, the organizers have been organizing bread festivals for many years, including the largest bread festival annually in Yokohama. This year the theme at Saitama Stadium is “Asia” to celebrate Urawa Reds victory at the AFC Champions League in 2022. Dozens of bakeries will participate, of which sixteen have developed original breads with Asian flavors for the fair.

Urawa Reds Bread Festival at Saitama Stadium

The bread festival will be held for four days at Saitama Stadium 2002 from September 15th. However, the first day, the 15th is for football game goers as Urawa Reds will have a game that day at their home ground. On that day (the 15th) only, it will be a “Twilight Festival” in conjunction with the Urawa Reds Game. From Saturday to Monday the festival will be on during the day. Sixteen bakeries will participate on each of the four days, but in addition there will at least another dozen bakeries each day. The special Asian themed breads that were developed for this bread fair can only be tasted at “Urawa Reds x Bread Festival 2023 in Saitama Stadium 2002”.

Urawa Reds Bread Festival

Participating bakeries with Asian themed bread

  1. shocomo (Fukaya City)
  2. BAKERY HINATA(Saitama City)
  3. ベーカリー三日月(Soka City)
  4. Majou no koppenpa Saitama City)
  6. Tokyo Bagel Bakery (Tokyo)
  7. Semoa(Tokyo)
  8. BOUL’ANGE(Tokyo)
  9. Takaku Bakery(Kanagawa)
  10. CornerPocket(Yamanashi)
  11. Scone specialists famfam (Gifu)
  12. Ande (Kyoto)
  13. Cube the Bakery (Hiroshima)
  14. Hishida Bakery (Kochi)
  15. Kiyoka Morimoto (Nagasaki)
  16. Pan plus (Nagasaki)

In addition there will be several other participating bakeries on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday from Hokkaido, Miyagi, Tochigi, Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Nagano, Osaka, Hyogo and Mie prefectures.

>>On the same dates there is a beer festival at Saitama Shintoshin.<<


Event: Urawa Reds X Bread Festival 2023 in Saitama Stadium 2002 浦和レッズ×パンのフェス2023 in 埼玉スタジアム2○○2

Dates: Friday September 15th at the Urawa Reds Game and Saturday September 16th to Monday September 18th 2023

Time: from 11 am to 5 pm except on Friday when it will be on from 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm in line with the Urawa Reds Match. Also, please note on the last day, Monday the 18th, it will finish at the earlier time of 4 pm.

Cost: there is no admission fee.

Venue: Saitama Stadium 2002, 2-chome-1 Misono, Midori Ward, Saitama, 336-0967. View on Google Maps.


There is parking at the stadium, but whenever there is an event on they recommend you come by public transport. The stadium is about a 15 minute walk from Urawa Misono Station. When there is a match on there are shuttle buses from JR Urawa Station, JR Higashi Urawa Station, Saitama Railway Urawa Misono Station and Tobu Izesaki line Kita Koshigaya Station.

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  1. im gonna be honest with you Lynda, I feel like a ‘bread’ festival is really starting to push the boundaries of what they can have festivals for/about., but then in Japan ANYTHING Goe!

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