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Urawa, Saitama City, will host both the Urawa Yosakoi and Urawa Festival in July this year, 2022.  It will be the 17th Urawa yosakoi and the 40th Urawa festival. Moreover, its the first time in three years that either event can take place. The organizers actually released the tentative information in March of 2022, making them one of the earliest to announce their intention to go ahead with summer festivals this year.

Urawa Yosakoi And Urawa Festival 2022

Both the Urawa Yosakoi and Urawa Festival are just two of dozens of summer festivals held in Saitama City, the capital of Saitama Prefecture, every year. Most of the festivals come under the remit of the Saitama Tourism and International Bureau (STIB). And they have not announced which festivals will be going ahead in the summer of 2022 yet. However, the Urawa Yosakoi is one of few Saitama City summer festivals that has its own website. And they were quick to get some information out.

Urawa Yosakoi

However, we won’t know for another couple of weeks yet what the line up for the 2022 festivals will be. Except that there will be dance troupes performing traditional Yosakoi dance. We also know that the festival will be on, as always, near the east exit of the JR Minami Urawa Station. In a “normal” (pre-pandemic) year, the festival starts from 10 in the morning. Also, there are generally about 20 festival stalls at the festival. In the past, about 50,000 people come to enjoy the yosakoi dance performance in Urawa. 


Date: the 17th annual Urawa Yosakoi and the 40th annual Urawa Festival will be held on Sunday July 24th.

Time: tbc. Usually from 10 am

Official blog which already has some information on it (March entry).

The featured image at the top of the post is from the STIB website: STIB is short for Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau.

This festival is separate to the dance festival that happens in the middle of July also in Urawa: Urawa Odori Festival. That festival has been neither confirmed nor cancelled for 2022 yet.

Access Urawa Yosakoi Festival

The festival is being held close to the east exit of the Minami Urawa Station on the Keihin-Tohoku and Musashino Lines. (Close to Tokyo). In a “normal” year, there are festivities at both the east and west exits of the station. However, in 2022 there is currently only mention of the east side.

Urawa Yosakoi at Minami Urawa station. Station map
From JR East official site

Minami Urawa Station information in english

Often there is another festival at Urawa station on the same day! Awaiting confirmation for 2022 for that one.


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