This weekend in Saitama

August 13th to 15th

The information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time of updating on August 9th 2022. Please always check with the official website - linked within each post - for the most recent updates regarding changes or cancellations due to the weather and / or the pandemic. Thank you.

Umbrella Sky 

Less than one week left of this popular umbrella sky with potted flowers

Aqua parks / Outdoor pools 

New Water Play area 

In Shiki

Seibu fireworks

Only on Monday the 15th this week and not on Saturday or Sunday

Heritage fireworks

Nightly until the 14th

Hanazono Furusato  Festival

One of the few festivals on this Obon weekend

Watch from home fireworks

Just a mini display. In Kumagaya

Night zoo

In Miyashiro

Rice  Paddy  Art

Sunflower season

Coleus season

Enmusubi Wind Chimes 

Immersive Van Gogh  exhibition

Thomas'  Steam Adventure

Grape  picking

Laketown Boat Park

Laketown Boat Park

Wading rivers

Sayama de Yokai 

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