White Santa is back again.

White Santa Ikspiari
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Thankfully, in the last few years, I have found places my kids can enjoy “Santa Greeting”, サンタグリーテイングas it is called in Japan. And as the more regular readers of my blog know, I have been sharing that information for the last few years. 

The Ikspiari White Santa in Chiba was one of the very first Santa meet and greet locations I found. And it was one of only a handful available at that time. Thankfully nowadays there are a lot more places you can meet or see Santa in the Greater Tokyo area. I am glad to see White Santa is still going strong, because some of the earlier Santa didn’t stand the test of time and you can no longer meet and greet Santa in some of the first locations to offer the service.

Ikspiari have changed the system to how you can meet this Santa many times over the years.  For example, once upon a time the White Santa was free to see. But in 2015 they introduced a charge of sorts. You now have to spend over 3,000 yen in Ikspiari to qualify to meet with Santa Claus.

This type of condition is rare, but you do see it sometimes. You get to take a commemorative photo with Santa in return.  In the case of a family, you don’t need to have receipts for each child, just one set of receipts for over 3,000 gives access to the whole family (so long as they haven’t reached their maximum numbers for the day).

White Santa
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Ikspiari is the free area beside the Disney resort. It has featured on my blog a few times in the past, but not so much in recent years. Ikspiari is quite well known in the Greater Tokyo area for its “Christmas Town” which will open this year from November 8th.  The theme this year is “Dreamy Christmas”. Christmas Town includes winter illumination and many special events, such as a Christmas stamp rally and craft workshops, and most importantly:  the meet and greet with Santa.

The “White Santa Greeting” will run during this period on weekends and public holidays leading up to Christmas.  And also on December 24th and even the 25th.

White Santa

There are four meet & greet sessions at 13.00, 14.30, 16:00 and 17.30 on weekends and public holidays only. They limit the number to 30 units each session, and request that you arrive 30 minutes before your allotted time. You can get a photo with Santa in his sleigh in front of the “Dreamy Tree”; a new addition to their Christmas town this year. The staff take the photo for you, but you need to have your own camera.

Official URL: http://www.ikspiari.com/ent/event/christmas2018/

They now also have their larger events in English, here is the English language page for the event: https://www.ikspiari.com/en/topics/christmas2018/

The English site: http://www.ikspiari.com/en/


Ikspiari is close to the South exit of JR Keiyo Line Maihama station. By car the mall is only a five minute drive from the Urayasu exit of the Bayshore Route from Shuto Expressway Route 9.

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