White World Oze Iwakura, GUNMA

White world oze iwakura
Oze Iwakura kids area from the official site

Oze Iwakura is one of the biggest ski areas in Kanto (the area around Tokyo). It takes about 2 hours 45 minutes to get to Oze Iwakura from either central Tokyo or central Saitama.

General Information for White World Oze Iwakura

Season: December 16th 2017 to April 8th 2018


Day skiing from 8.15 am to 5 pm

Night skiing from 4.30 pm to 9 pm on Saturdays and select national holidays only

Lifts: 11

Courses: 16

Rental: Yes, ski and snow boarding necessities. Costs start from 800 yen.

Information for families with kids

Preschoolers: Gondola is FREE

Kids park: 1000 yen per child, but if you have also bought a lift pass the price is reduced to 500 yen. Children under 3 free in.

Creche: Available for children over 3 years old. 5,500 yen per child for a full day, 3,000 yen for a half day. Phone: 0278-58-7717

Ski School: Yes. For over 3. Detailed information in Japanese. 


White World Oze Iwakura
New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Yes. Generally: Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years day plus first week in January,  Valentine’s day and White day.

Hotel: Official English Website

Hot springs: yes. And discount available:

There are a number of ski resorts that participate in a family ski programme. They offer discounts on lift passes or other services at the resort to families. There are some conditions, for example for some you have to have a print version of the coupon on your person, others allow you to show the voucher on your smart phone. Most resorts in the programme also stipulate that children of the family must be under a certain age, usually primary school age or younger. Generally, you cannot use these coupons in conjunction with any other type of discount. However, for those who fall within the guidelines, there are some great savings to enjoy.

White World Oze Iwakura are offering a discount into their day return hot spring .CLICK the blue button with a printer icon and 印刷する. One coupon covers up to 5 people.

**Print the coupon from the linked page**  Coupon here.

Source: https://www.famiski.jp/gelande_guide/oze-iwakura/


White World Oze Iwakura Access (from the official site)

■ By car

  • From Tokyo (From Kan-Etsu EXPRESSWAY Nerima IC)
  • Nerima IC→(Kan-Etsu EXPRESSWAY Approximately125km)→Numata IC→(National Route 120 Approximately 26km) →Katashina→(National Route 401 Approximately 5km)→White World Oze Iwakura (Iwakura Resort Hotel・Iwakura House)

■ By train

  • From Narita Airport ・Tokyo
  • Narita Airport→(JR Narita Express Approximately 60minutes)→Tokyo Station→(JR Joetsu Shinaknsen Approximately 75minutes)→Jomo-Kogen Station→(Bus/80mimutes)→White World Oze Iwakura (Iwakura Resort Hotel・Iwakura House)
  • From Niigata Airport ・Niigata
  • Niigata Airport→(Bus or Taxi Approximately 20minutes)→Niigata Station→(JR Joetsu Shinaknsen Approximately 70minutes)→Jomo-Kogen Station→(Bus/80mimutes)→White World Oze Iwakura (Iwakura Resort Hotel・Iwakura House)

Official English website: https://www.oze-iwakura.co.jp/ski/en/

TEL: 0278-58-7131

Address: 2609 Tsuchiide, Katashinamura, Tone-Gun, Gunma-Ken

I have no affiliation to White World Oze Iwakura in Gunma, nor do I receive any remuneration or reward for sharing this information.

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