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Winter Illumination Tobu Zoo

Winter Illumination Tobu Zoo 2017 – 2018 event information here:

Winter Illumination @ Tobu Hybrid Park | SUGITO


Winter Illumination Tobu Zoo

Every year Tobu Zoo puts on a fantastic night illumination show for the winter months. This year, 2015, it starts on the 31st of October and will run until the 14th of February. The park uses smoke, light and music to add to the ambience of the night illumination.

Kids can enjoy animals made out of flowers and/or light, snowmen and winter scenes. Couples can walk in a tunnel of love, “Love Lock”, built especially for the occsassion, and take in the romantic atmosphere of the park lit up at night.

It opens 5pm to 8pm daily from the day after switch on. On December 23rd, 24th and 25th the closing hour is extended until 9pm. The cost is 700 yen per adult,  children from 3 years old up to end of primary school cost 500 yen.  Parking costs 1,000 yen, flat rate regarding length of stay.

More information in Japanese on their official website:

Winter Illumination Tobu Zoo Access

  • Public Transport
    10 minute walk from Tobu Skytree skyliner Tobu Zoo Station.
  • Car
    15 kilometres from the Kuki Interchange on the Tohoku highway. Parking for 3000 cars, costs 1000 yen for the day.
  • Phone for SatNav / GPS

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