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Wired Cafe is one of the better known brands of coffee shop giant Cafe Company. There are branches of Wired Cafe all over Japan. A large concentration of them are in Tokyo and the greater Tokyo region, including in our lovely Saitama. We actually only have a couple of Wired Cafe in Saitama. One in Omiya and another Kawagoe. We also have some Wired Kitchen branches as well as several other that are run by the same management company Cafe Company.

Wired Cafe

The Wired Cafe branch in Omiya is in Omiya Station Lumine 2 department store on the third floor. (Third floor by the department store’s flooring, enter on the second floor of the station!). The beauty of its somewhat obscure location is that it is protected from “off the street” custom. It makes it a little less crowded than other coffee shops in more prominent positions in the station. However, it is an extremely popular spot. It gets a lot of repeat custom, so it is always busy, just never the crazy queues you see at the coffee shops within the stations thoroughfare.

The cafe is in one way a useful meeting spot; located securely in the department store and not at the entrance to the store like the Starbucks. However, on the flip side, the location within Lumine 2 which is like a maze (within a maze) can make the cafe a bit hard to find for first timers to Omiya station. But if they can sniff out the Starbucks, they are just a stone’s throw away.

The clientele is largely women. Groups of friends leisurely catching up over coffee in comfort and style in a relaxed atmosphere. It also attracts lone customers and they have books and magazines you can read while there. It is a good spot for working people too. There are two work counters with plugs and USB portals where you can use and charge devices. And they have free wifi too. It is also suitable for couples with tables for two. And at night, you can purchase alcohol there. You wouldn’t think it to look at it with its chic interior and hoards of customers, but the cafe is actually quite a good spot with kids too. They are very accommodating of and welcoming to children. And the cafe is completely non-smoking.

The Menu


wired cafe omiya

They have a great selection of drinks including a variety of really decent hot and iced coffee based drinks. You can also get tea; black, green and herbal. They serve the tea in a pot and you can get a couple of cups out of it. You can order jugs of drinks for sharing. They have both mocktails and cocktails. They also have a good selection of other alcoholic drinks you can buy by the bottle.

Food and Dessert

You can order food or dessert on its own or for an additional 190 yen you can get it with a drink. The drink set options are limited to tea or coffee, coke, melon soda, ginger ale or oolong tea. If you want to pay more (300 yen) you can get juice or hot or cold café latte with your meal. They have light meals as well as more staple fare. You can get salads, soup, side food, rice dishes and pasta. Sweets include parfait, waffles and French toast among others. You can see their food menu with pictures here and there sweets menu here.

Wired Cafe Omiya Information

Bookings are not required. It is okay to just order drinks and not food.

Hours: 10 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 8.30 pm on Sunday. Lunch time is from 11 am to 3 pm.

Cost: upwards of 1,000 yen for food, around 500 yen for coffee and upwards of 600 yen for all other drinks including tea, soft drinks, mocktails and alcohol.

Phone: 048-648-3060

Official Site


It is about five minutes walk from both the central and North gates of Omiya Station. Wired Cafe is on the 3rd floor of Lumine 2, but you can access it from the 2nd floor of the station. It is a little hard to find, not just with the conflicting floor plans, but it’s in a corner right down the back of the floor.


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