Yano Fishing Park

Yano Fishing Park is located in a valley in Kamikawa Town in the Northern (Kodama) area of Saitama Prefecture, right on the border of Gunma Prefecture. Kamikawa Town doesn’t get a lot of publicity. With the result it is one of the most unspoiled areas of Saitama Prefecture. However, Kamikawa town is actually home to a few nationally famous things, including one of Japan’s top three places to view winter cherry blossoms. The dam and lake in the town are also famous – within dark tourism circles – for being haunted. Moreover, shrine experts will be most familiar with the Kanasana Shrine, as it is one of only three of its kind in all of Japan. Find out why here!

For whatever reason you find yourself in Kamikawa, if you would like the experience of fishing rainbow trout there is a spot in the town called Yano Fishing Park.

Yano Fishing Park

Yano fishing park

Yano fishing park is an old school fish-your-own lunch type fishing park. The water in the pond is taken from the river that runs next to the park. So it is clear fresh water. You pay per fishing rod. For 1500 yen you get the rod, bucket and a small bit of bait. You can pay for extra bait. For a nominal fee you can get your fish gutted, cleaned, salted and grilled on skews over a charcoal fire. Furthermore, there is also a barbecue area you can rent if you want to grill your own. What I love about this place is that you pay a fixed price to catch up to four fish. In Fuppu, for example, you pay per weight of the fish and you can end up with quite a hefty bill.

Upfront I will warn you that as there is no website for this attraction. There is a page on the Kamikawa town website (linked in the information table at the bottom of the post). But I don’t know how often they update it. Thus you will have to ring ahead if you want to know about any last minute changes. Or do what we did, just swing by to see what the story is. When we did visit, November 2020, the fishing pond was thankfully open, but they weren’t allowing anyone barbecue their fish on account of the Coronavirus. They did pack up the fish in ice for us to bring home.

Rainbow trout fishing

There is just one large pond at Yano fishing park. Its probably all they need on a regular day as the site is quite remote. Unlike somewhere like Fuppu that gets a lot of visitors on their way to or from Chichibu, Yano Fishing Park is the type of place you go out of your way to visit. If you are staying in the Jomine Campsite it is a manageable side trip. I think we got a flyer for the fishing park while staying in the cabins there and that’s how we ended up there. But I can’t say for sure!

Fish grabbing for kids

Apart from fishing for trout, there is a small fish grabbing pond. Kids can get in the pond and wrestle with the fish like little Kintaros! Unfortunately, this pond was also closed on our visit due to the Coronavirus. You can see it pictured below without the water in the ponds.

Yano Fishing Park

Barbecue area

There are two barbecue areas. Neither particularly large and certainly nothing fancy, just good honest outdoor living! One of the barbecue areas is between the river and the fish grabbing area (pictured above). The other is up on a hill, behind the main building, which is also the restaurant. That is where you can get your fish grilled – in a non pandemic year – if you don’t want to do a barbecue yourself.

yano fishing park indoor eating area where they grill your fish

Water play area

There is a small area beside the fishing park where you can paddle your feet in the clear river. More like a stream really. It has some stepping stones. However, it is quite rocky and there are areas where the river is tiered, so you would have to watch small children closely for safety.

river play at Yano Fishing Park in Kamikawa Saitama Prefecture

Yano Fishing Park Information

Yano Fishing Park
Address:475 Yano, Kamikawa, Kodama District, Saitama 367-0313
Season:The ponds open from mid March and stay open until late December.
Hours:9 am to 5 pm Thursday to Monday, closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Cost:1500 yen for the rod – you can catch up to 4 fish for that price. 250 yen for additional feed. 130 yen to have the fish cleaned, gutted, salted and grilled over a fire. The barbecue area is 500 yen per person. Fish grabbing “tsukamidori” costs 1200 yen for 4 fish, every additional fish that you want to take home costs 300 yen.
Online:No official website. There is a page on the Kamikawa Town website.


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