Yashio Edamame Festival

Information for the 14th annual Yashio Edamame (Green Soybean) Festival in Yashio City, in Eastern Saitama, very close to Adachi City in Tokyo.

Yashio Edamame Festival

Yashio City is one of the leading edamame producers in Saitama Prefecture. The city invite you to try their locally grown edamame with some beer! As such, this festival is more for adults, than families or children. It is hosted at Frespo Yashio, which is a small shopping center near the Yashio train station.

The green soybean festival is divided into two parts. The first, the Nouveau Festival is on this coming Saturday and the second, the Thanksgiving festival is on Father’s Day, in June. At both you can buy edamame, green soybean products and beer. On Father’s Day (in June) they also have edamame gourmet on sale, including edamame sweets! They also have live music and additional events at the Thanksgiving festival, i.e. the date in June.


Event: Yashio Edamame Festival やしお枝豆まつり

Date: The Nouveau Festival is on Saturday May 27th. The Thanksgiving Festival is on Father’s Day Sunday June 18th 2023.

Time: from 3 pm to 6 pm on May 27th and from 3 pm to 7 pm on June 18th.

Cost: there is no cover charge to enter the venue. Various prices for the edamame, green soybean products and the beer.

Venue: Frespo Yashio (linked to the official website), 〒340-0822 Saitama, Yashio, Oze, 1 Chome−1−3. View on Google Maps.


Yashio City is over the border from Adachi City. You can literally walk from Adachi to Yashio in five minutes! The Frespo Yashio though is located close to Yashio Station, so about a 20 minute walk. Yashio Station is on the Tsukuba Express line. They discourage people from coming by car, especially as beer is served. Moreover, much of the parking lot at Frespo Yashio is used for the festival!

Official event online brochure (PDF).

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