Yokoze puppet play

Yokoze Puppet Play – Every May on the second Sunday of the month there is a very special event in Yokoze. The famous puppet play of Yokoze, which is an Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Saitama.

Yokoze Puppet Play
From the Chichibu Omotenashi website

One person magically operates the puppets in this mesmerizing puppet theater. He uses what is called sekkyo narrative, an illustrious delivery of something close to what we might call a  parable.

There isn’t much online in English about the fascinating history and details of this puppet theater. There is some information in Barbara E. Thornbury’s The Folk Performing Arts: Traditional Culture in Contemporary Japan linked below. This is an Amazon Affiliate Link** (please see the added note at the bottom of this post for more information on Amazon Affiliate links).

The 2021 date for the puppet play of Yokoze falls on Sunday May 9th. It is held in the Yokoze Chominkaikan. Amazingly, there is no cover charge in for this rare and exceptional traditional arts event.

Yokoze Puppet Play Access

The Chomin Kaikain is about a seven minute walk from Yokoze station.

25 minute walk from Chichibu Railway Ohanabatake Station.

If you come by car the number for the car navi is 0494-22-2267. Parking is free.

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