Yorii Summer Festival

Yorii Summer Festival is the festival of Yasaka Shrine. The festival, not to be confused with the much larger Tamayodo Suitenguusai Fireworks and Festival in August, is a mikoshi (portable shrine) festival. It attracts about 5000 local spectators. It is held annually in July. Generally it is on the second Sunday and preceding Saturday of the month of July. Like most festivals of its type, there is no participation fee.

Mikoshi at the Yorii Summer Festival

A mikoshi is a type of palanquin or portable shrine. They weigh tons, therefore it takes dozens of people to work together to lift and carry them through the streets. You bear the weight on one shoulder while lifting with your hands. Bearers of the portable shrine generally wear a happi, hachimaki headband and tabi socks. At the Yorii Summer Festival they have the regular mikoshi parade as well as a mikoshi carried by women only and one for children too. There are six mikoshi in total.

The festival was on in 2023, for the first time in four years, but on a much smaller scale. Moreover, it wasn’t advertised anywhere online. This year they have updated the Yorii town website with the 2024 information. It is on Saturday July 13th from 3.40 pm and on Sunday July 14th from 1 pm. On the Sunday, the main day, they will also have some food trucks in the vicinity of the festival area. Again, this is a smaller, local type festival, best suited to people living in the area.


Event: Yorii Summer Festival

Dates: Saturday July 13th and Sunday July 14th 2024

Time: from 3.40 pm on the Saturday and from 1 pm on the Sunday

Cost: there is no admission fee.

Venue: Yorii station, 1071-2 Yorii, Yorii town, Saitama 〒369-1203.


The shrine is about a fifteen minute walk from the JR / Tobu Tojo / Chichibu railway’s Yorii Station, but the mikoshi are paraded around Yorii kaikan in an area south of the station. There is no official parking lot for this festival and they will close some of the roads to cars during the festival period.

For more events in Saitama please see the main events calendar.

2024 official event page


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