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Kitamoto Children’s Park aka Kitamotoshi Kodomo Koen 2012 to 2024!

Kitamoto Children’s Park is the English name for Kitamotoshi Kodomo Koen, but the latter is on Google Maps as the English name. I use both throughout this post so they are searchable. When I first wrote this blog post in 2012 I only had two children and they were both toddlers. Fast forward twelve years and I now have four children aged between 9 and 14 years old! And we still visit this park from time to time, especially during cherry blossom season. Its an all round fun park for families especially those with small children.

It is still enjoyable for my 9 and 11 year olds, but my two oldest (Junior High students) have outgrown this park. So we combine it with a trip to the neighboring Kitamoto Nature Park and nature study center. The famous Jougaya cherry blossoms are close by too, within walking distance if you have older children. I really recommend visiting the area during the cherry blossom season has Kitamoto has some excellent sakura spots.

Kitamoto Children’s Park

Below is the original post from 2012 and most of it still stands true in 2024:

My favourite park / playground (2012) to bring my toddlers to in the Hiki District of Saitama is Kitamoto Children’s Park.  I love it,  because it has something for children of all ages.   I like that, in the summer, the playground suited to small children is in the shade and they have a wading river to cool down in. In the winter, they have an indoor playroom for babies and toddlers. Spring brings the stunning sakura and it is a great place for hanami. They fly carp for children’s day during the cherry blossom season up to Golden Week.

Kitamoto air trampoline Kitamoto children's park
Air / Mountain trampoline


Please scroll down for more photos:

  • Indoor playroom (no temperature control)
  • Playground suitable for toddlers
  • Another playground suitable for preschoolers
  • And a playground suitable for older children
  • Giant outdoor mountain / air trampoline
  • 35 metre roller slide
  • Climbing wall
  • A water splash area (Golden Week to September)
  • A small zoo; two areas with animals including peacocks and monkeys
  • A stage with seating
  • A nature trail
  • Picnic area
  • Special events


  • A baby room for nappy changing and breast feeding
  • A family toilet with miniature toilet for children, a baby keep, a nappy changing area, a clothes changing area
  • Three separate ladies toilets with multiple cubicles
  • Two separate mens toilets with multiple cubicles
  • On site staff
  • A tuck shop on the weekends and holidays
  • Vending machines
Indoor playroom at Kitamoto Children's Park aka Kitamotoshi kodomo park
Indoor play room at Kitamoto Children’s Park
Family toilet
Climbing wall
35 meter Roller Slide

Zoom in: water play area

paddling pool kitamoto children's park

The water play area in Kitamoto Children’s Park is a particularly nice one. However, for a lot of the day it is directly in sunlight. But there are areas beside it that are in the shade most of the day. There is a nice grass areas beside the wading river. Moreover, there are large square type seats, like a tatami mat, if you prefer to sit off the ground. The stream starts from a rocky fountain which is a little dangerous for small children unless you are supervising them closely. There is a wading stream from the fountain that is quite shallow, just covers an adult’s feet. It leads to a small pool of water on the opposite end. There the water is deep enough to cover a child lying flat.

Water play Kitamoto Children's Park

In 2024, the water play area was turned on during cherry blossom season, pictured above. The water area’s official hours are from 9.30 am to 5 pm, but we have occasionally arrived to no water at 9.30 am! I think it depends on the weather; if its a cool morning they might start the water later. They also sometimes close the park for maintenance. You can check the official website linked in the information section for the latest information.

Kitamoto Children’s Park Cherry Blossoms 2024

The park is particularly picturesque in spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. It is a great park for hanami with children. There are some stunning mature cherries in the park. Moreover, the playground at the front of the park is hugged by beautiful spreading cherry branches. In addition, normally from early April they hang carp streamers so you can see the flying carp with sakura in the background. (However, they weren’t up the first week of April in 2024.)


They also usually have a cherry blossom festival, as well as several other events throughout the year. It is just one part of the larger “Kitamoto Cherry Blossom Festival”. Before the pandemic, the festival was normally on the first Saturday and Sunday of April. However, while the Kitamoto Cherry Blossom festival came back in 2023, its only on in Takao Sakura Park. It hasn’t been on in the children’s park (or at the Kabazakura) since the pandemic.

Children and Green Festival

The Kitamoto Children and Green Festival is on April 29th 2024. In the past they used to have an event on children’s day. I *think* this festival maybe replacing that. The festival on the 29th is on from 10 am to 3 pm. There will be food trucks at the park and they have workshops for kids. There will also be a ‘magic corner’. The koinobori will be flown. Official event flyer.

Kitamoto Children’s Park Information

Kitamotoshi Kodomo park is approximately 70 minutes from Tokyo by car. And approximately 15 minutes from the Okegawa – Kitamoto Interchange on the Chuo expressway. During the period of the cherry blossom festival there is usually a free shuttle bus to the park from Kitamoto Station on the Takasaki line.

Address: 3-225 Ishitoshuku, Kitamoto City, Saitama
Tel: 048-592-4050

Official web page

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