Saitama Space Museum

Saitama Municipal Youth Astronomical Museum aka the Saitama Space Museum (Urawa, Saitama City).

It’s spring break in Japan.  It is also end of school year.  Traffic tends to increase and queues lengthen, but there are still some hidden gems that evade the chaos. Saitama’s space museum, or officially the Saitama Municipal Youth Astronomical Museum, is one such place. “Astronomical” is the word they use in the official English, i.e. an Astronomy Museum, but it is actually more like a space science museum.

Saitama Space Museum

A great little space museum located on the old grounds of Urawa Reds (Saitama soccer team) at Komaba stadium. If you are looking for somewhere in Saitama, or close to Tokyo, to bring a young child interested in astronomy, this space museum is worth considering.

Saitama Space Museum
This is a huge hit with young children. They turn the wheel to power a ball around a rollercoaster

The Saitama Municipal Youth Astronomical museum is a great place to instill an interest in astronomy in young children. The museum was designed to appeal to children in particular. Moreover, it introduces the basics of physics in ways that children and adults alike can understand.

Furthermore, children can learn about space and science the best way: hands on experiences. Through the various interactive and educational displays, play areas, reading area and even special events available free of charge. There is also a planetarium that costs 510 yen per adult or 200 yen for students aged 4 and up.

★Free entry for parents and children
★Parking is free
★Rainy day okay
★Suitable for all ages
★Special events
★Nappy / Diaper changing facilities
★Rest area

It is quite small and you wouldn’t need a lot of time if you aren’t paying into the planetarium as well, but its a nice little spot for kids. Particularly if you want to get in from the rain and / or heat. If the weather suits, make a day (or half a day) of it with a visit to Besshonuma Park, also in Urawa, Saitama City.

Planetarium Information

Chikochan Planetarium show Saitama Space Museum in Saitama City near Tokyo
From the official website

The ‘show’ at the planetarium changes frequently. From February 1st 2024 they will have their second collaboration with Chikochan, on Saturdays and Sundays until March 26th. There will also be a Detective Conan show on Saturdays and Sundays during that period. The daily show between February 1st and March 26th is a collaboration with the Bears’ School Jackie. You can see it at 3.50 pm on weekdays and noon on weekends and public holidays.

Information and Access

Address: さいたま市青少年宇宙科学館 2-3-45 Komaba, Urawa-city, Saitama, Japan
URL: Official website
TEL:  048-881-1515
Cost: Free entry to the museum, **the planetarium is 510 yen per adult or 200 yen for students aged 4 and up
Opening hours: 9.00 – 17.00
Holidays: Mondays except for public holidays. Closed for New Year from December 28th to January 4th.
By train – Take a bus from either Urawa or Kita Urawa stations for 「宇宙科学館入口」
By car – 15 minutes from Urawa Interchange


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