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Strawberry Garden is the all-year-round strawberry and baum kuchen cafe of Moroyama’s famous strawberry farms Ichigo no Sato. It is in the Nishiokubo area of Moroyama where they also have a strawberry picking greenhouses. It is right on the border of Sakado. They also have a greenhouse for picking in the Saido area of Moroyama.

Strawberry Garden

strawberry garden Moroyama

The Strawberry Garden cafe is relatively new, it opened about a year ago. And already its been featured on the TV several times. The sweets cafe is part of a well established strawberry picking farm that is one of the more popular and famous places to pick strawberries in Western Saitama. The strawberry sweets cafe is just another notch on their belt so to speak.

The cafe

strawberry garden

Due to the Coronavirus you can’t actually sit in the cafe to eat at the moment. But you can get take away. And they have a few tables and chairs outside. Its not particularly big indoors anyway. With just a few tables and chairs and counter space for about 6 people. At the moment the space is being used to sell handmade goods.

strawberry garden

They sell all sorts of strawberry sweets, desserts and preserves. They even sell gift sets with strawberry based goodies such as jam and preserves. Their baum kuchen is quite popular too. You can also buy ice-cream. Their most popular product is their shaved strawberry dish. Its sort of like a shaved ice dessert but with more strawberry than ice. When it is strawberry picking season you can get all sorts of fresh strawberry sweets. Their strawberry roll is particularly well regarded. They have drinks on the menu too, including a strawberry smoothie. You can get tea and coffee also.

strawberry garden shaved strawberries

Strawberry picking

Strawberry Garden is open all year round, but the picking is seasonal. The season is longer at Ichigo no Sato than most other picking farms. They generally open from mid December, whereas most farms don’t open until January. The season generally lasts until around May.

Ichigo no sato strawberry picking moroyama  near Strawberry Garden Cafe

They have two strawberry picking farms in Moroyama. One is a one minute drive from the cafe. Both have a kids play area. Moreover, both are barrier free. The Moroyama Ichigo no Sato picking time is longer than most. They have 50 minute picking slots, whereas most places only offer 30 minutes. The farm has some additional services such as ice-cream and chocolate toppings provided to dip your strawberries into. There are tables and you can help yourself to drinks.  For an extra cost you can participate in cooking classes, such as jam-making. Information for the 2021 season is not yet available. Before the pandemic, they usually opened for business from mid December to the end of May.

Strawberry Garden Information

Address:1014-2 Nishiokubo, Moroyama, Iruma District, Saitama 350-0433
Hours:9:30 am to 5 pm Tuesday to Sunday.
Closed on Mondays.
Cost:Around 350 yen per item
Online:Official website


If you are coming from Sakado, the shop / cafe is on route 114, known as the ‘Kawagoe Ogose route’, just as you come off the bridge that crosses the Koma river. There is parking in front of the cafe and at the back of it too.

By public transport both Kawakado and Ipponmatsu stations are about a 20 minute walk from the cafe. They are both on the Tobu Ogose line.


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