Sayama Berryland

Blueberry and Strawberry Picking at Sayama Berryland – not at the same time! June is blueberry season in Japan. Winter and Spring is strawberry picking season. Sayama Berryland is one of the largest berry picking farms in the Kanto Region (aka Greater Tokyo area). Sayama Berryland is quite well knownRead More →

A toddler picks strawberries at a strawberry picking farm near Tokyo, Japan

A selection of 10 Strawberry Picking farms in Saitama, near and commutable from Tokyo, for the 2024 Ichigo-gari season. Strawberry Picking near Tokyo Strawberry picking is called “ichigo-gari” イチゴ狩り in Japanese. Ichigo イチゴ means strawberry and gari means picking or, literally, hunting. In Japan, strawberry picking is predominantly indoors, inRead More →

strawberry picking at Barrier Free Ichigo no Sato Farm Moroyama

Information for the all year round strawberry cafe, Strawberry Garden, and the seasonal – famous barrier free sightseeing – strawberry picking farm, Ichigo no Sato, in Moroyama town, Saitama (near Tokyo) Japan. Ichigo no Sato is one of the most famous strawberry picking farms in the Kanto plain. Moreover, itRead More →

Hanyu Loco Farm part of the new Kiyasse Hanyu challenge farm project

Kiyasse Hanyu, also called Hanyu Mitakaya Agriculture and Forestry Park, is located close to the Saitama Aquarium and Hanyu Riverside Park. They describe themselves as a type of “food resort”. They sell local produce in the shop at the resort, but they also offer agricultural experiences in what they call,Read More →

Strawberry Picking Chichibu

A selection of 10 Strawberry Picking farms in the Northern area of Saitama, including Chichibu, for the 2024 strawberry picking season. Strawberry Picking Chichibu and Northern Saitama Finally… for the first time in four years, it looks like most of the strawberry farms are going back to pre-pandemic hours inRead More →

Saitama Strawberry Picking

A selection of 10 Strawberry Picking farms in Western Saitama, for the 2024 strawberry picking season. Some of these farms are open from December 2023, which is included in the information below. Western Area There are five areas in Saitama: Central, Eastern, Western, Northern and Chichibu. The Western area ofRead More →