A new Kids US Land opened in Omiya on April 27th 2024, this photo is from the Kamifukuoka branch that closed last year

Kids US Land is an excellent kids play center with branches all over Japan. Over the years we’ve lost a few branches in Saitama Prefecture. Most notably the large branch in Kamifukuoka, Fujimino that closed last year. However, a new large branch opened TODAY in Omiya. I have not yet been to the new branch. The featured photo at the top of the post is from the aforementioned Kamifukuoka branch. We were big fans of both the Kamifukuoka and Higashimatsuyama branches until they closed down. Including this new branch, there are currently only four branches of Kids US Land left in Saitama. At one point we had at least twice that amount.

Kids US Land Omiya

Kids US Land Omiya opened today, April 27th 2024

The Omiya branch has a baby area and a game corner, which aren’t available in every branch. In the game corners in the Kids US land all the games are included in the entrance price, which is reasonable for what you get. It also includes some of the staples of the Kids Land US branches, such as a trampoline, air slider, jungle gym and ‘mama goto’ area. And massage chairs for parents! The new play center is 700 tsubo, with the play area 1282 m². Which makes it smaller than the old Kamifukuoka branch, but probably around the same size as the old Higashimatsuyama branch and bigger than the Kawagoe branch. (The Kawagoe branch is still in operation).


Event: Opening of the Kids US Land Omiya Aeon West Branch

Date: from today, April 27th 2024

Time: from 10 am to 8 pm daily

Cost: 700 yen per hour, 900 yen for the day for children, 600 yen for the day for adults.

Venue: 4th floor, Aeon Omiya Nishi (west) イオン大宮西, 6-607-13 Mihashi, Nishi Ward, Saitama 〒331-0052 Saitama. View on Google Maps.

There is both an Aeon Omiya AND an Aeon Omiya Nishi. The Kids US land is in the latter, the Nishi branch. However, if you do happen to go to the wrong branch, there is also an excellent play center in the Aeon Omiya too!!

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