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I have had Suguro Shrine on a round up post of the shrines and temples in the Sumiyoshi area for the last few years. But before the pandemic it had a post of its own, for the Chinowa Kuguri annually. The post was on an event calendar. However, I removed the event calendar from the blog during the pandemic, because 99.9% of the 300+ events on the calendar were cancelled in 2020 and 99% in 2021! Up to Golden Week in 2023 more than half of the events remained cancelled. Since summer 2023 I have been republishing event posts. But believe it or not, five years later, and there are still a number of events that haven’t come back yet. However, thankfully, its only a very few now!

Suguro Shrine in Sakado

I first happened upon Suguro Shrine while visiting early blooming ‘kawazu’ cherry blossoms nearby. I was quite delighted and surprised to see the shrine on the top of a hill. It turns out it is a burial mound and you can see the burial chamber stones exposed beside the shrine. I was told at the time of my first visit, that one of the four great shoguns of ancient times was interred in the mound. I made the mistake of taking that as gospel, but after further research have not been able to confirm that information. So I won’t delve into the history in this post, but I want to share information for an upcoming ‘only in Japan’ event:

Chinowa Kuguri

Chinowa Kuguri is a type of shinto ritual and a rite of “Nagoshi no Harae”, often translated as “summer passing” in English. It is believed that by passing through the ring of chigaya, grasses entwined around a circle of bamboo, that it will increase ones chances of getting through the hot sultry summer in good health. The chigaya will be up at Suguro Shrine from Friday June 21st to Sunday June 23rd 2024.


Event: Suguro Shrine Chinowa Kuguri 茅の輪くぐり

Dates: from Friday June 21st to Sunday June 23rd 2024.

Time: the shrine office is unmanned most of the time, so there are no official hours.

Cost: a donation in the prayer box at the shrine.

Venue: Suguro Shrine, 勝呂神社, 226 Ishii, Sakado, Saitama 350-0212. View on Google Maps.

Official website


There is a very infrequent bus to the shrine from Tobu Tojo Line’s Wakaba station. Take the bus bound for Hachiman Danchi and alight at Suguro Elementary school bus stop. The shrine is about a seven minute walk from the bus stop. There is parking for about six cars at the shrine.

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