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Everyday UFO Catcher Amusement, a crane game center in Gyoda City Saitama Prefecture, claims to hold the world record for the most crane games in one store. Tripadvisor says that it is a Guinness World Record, but the official website does not claim it as a “Guinness Record”. However, it turns out that it did hold the world record and not just once, but twice! Moreover, it was the very first place in the whole world to receive the world record for the most crane games, 350 of them, back in 2012. They received the title again in 2019 when they increased the number of machines at the store

My bad – when I first wrote this post, I did not know that and I couldn’t understand how they could claim to have the “most”, when at that time Apina Kitakan in Miyagi prefecture held the record with 515 crane games in their store. Furthermore, 3rd Planet were awarded the title on July 22nd 2022 with a whopping 555 crane games. Meanwhile, Everyday UFO currently only has around 300. Many people were misled by the “most crane game in the world” signs on the store, including myself, and it became a bone of contention with many people who went out of their way to visit the store. However, if it was known that it was a former two time Guinness World Record Holder people would probably be more understanding, don’t you think?

Crane game culture Japan

For the record, I am no expert on crane games by any means. I try not to play them actually, because I do find them quite addictive once I get started! But they are hard to avoid in Japan. Plus, I’ll fess up easily; I do find them very exciting. I remember the very first time I played one in a hotel in Minakami many moons ago. But I had beginner’s luck and secured a teddy bear on my very first go. So then before I knew it I had put around a hundred euro into the machines and walked away with eight teddy bears worth about forty euro!

crane game

There are crane games, or UFO catchers as they are called in Japan, everywhere in Japan. Even the local supermarkets tend to have a corner with a few. Visiting an arcade to play the crane games during school holidays is really popular with kids and families. People hone their skills and get to know which machines are the easiest to win. But they still must spend a fortune. My own kids love to play them too, given a chance. The coolest thing they ever won was a pink skateboard worth 15000 yen. Even better still, my daughter won it for just 500 yen or two plays. Machines that have expensive prizes in them are more expensive to play and more difficult to win.

Everyday UFO Catcher

Gyoda Everyday UFO Catcher crane game arcade  saitama
Surprised to see a fake torii at the entrance to the shop!

I had no particular interest in visiting Everyday UFO Catcher. But on one of our trips to Gyoda City in 2021, due to traffic on our usual route, Google maps directed us to use a route that passed by this store. And (unfortunately) we got stuck at a red light by the game center. Well, my kids eyes instantly honed in on the “most crane games in the world” advertisements plastered all over the building. Later in the year, when my middle daughter’s birthday came around, she said all she wanted for her birthday was to visit the world’s largest crane game center! Her birthday wish came true. Thankfully she won something, but not as easily as at the UFO catchers at Peony Walk. I think the UFO catchers at Round1 in Ageo are also easier than the ones in Everyday.

Everyday UFO Catcher may not be the largest, but it is probably the most famous among English speakers. This arcade has featured on countless English language Youtube and social media videos all over the world. And it is not just on English language Youtube videos, within Japan there are hundreds of videos about the location. Furthermore, it has featured on numerous TV programs. Moreover, the name “Everyday UFO Catcher” is bound to be all over social media again in 2023 as they are opening a new store in Tama with more than 500 machines. It won’t beat the current world record, but it will make the Tama store the largest in the Kanto area.

Don’t believe the hype?

Initially the hype about the place was all very positive. But as more and more people visited the location and realized that it was just “hype”, the reviews became more and more negative. Not only is it being the largest ‘fake news’, they also make several other false claims. For example, the one that irks me most, “the easiest catches in the world”! However, it is not all bad! And with winter holidays on the way, it might be of interest to those who want to entertain the kids for a couple of hours on a rainy day. Furthermore, there is a lot of good to be said for this crane game arcade too…

Large crane game arcade

The store might not have the most crane games in the world, but with approximately 300 crane games in the one location, it is definitely on the larger size. Furthermore, the building is quite spacious spread out over two floors. They do have a good choice of prizes. They claim that they have the “largest amount of prizes in the world”. I have no idea if that is true, but they do have a large selection. They have plenty of character goods, technology goods, toys, household goods and even food. Moreover, there is a crane game with real natural gemstones.

crane game center
Human capture!

What I did like, in particular, about this store is that they have some machines on the second floor that are easy to get a prize from and only cost 100 yen for five plays. The prizes are really small, like candy or fake jewels, but at least you can ensure a child walks away with something. Also, they have some free events for the kids on the second floor too. I really liked the cool photo props too! For example, you can be a human prize in a giant crane game!

To be honest, having read many bad reports about it online, I wasn’t expecting much. So I was actually pleasantly surprised. However, one last gripe: they say on their English website that their staff are “Crane Game Advisors” certified by the Japan Crane Game Association and that they are trained to help. This was not my experience. Update 2024; on our last visit, we did see the staff helping many people.

rest area at Everyday UFO Catcher Gyoda
There is a rest area in the parking lot with vending machines selling drinks and ice cream. Sometimes there is a food van there too, such as the one in the left of the photo selling crepes.


Everyday UFO Catcher
Address:644-1 Shimooshi, Gyoda, Saitama 361-0037
Hours:Midday to midnight on weekdays
10 am to midnight on Saturday
10 am to 11 pm on Sunday
Cost:On average 100 yen for one play. Machines with expensive prizes cost about 300 yen for one play. The cheapest machines cost 100 yen for five plays.
Access:Everyday is located on route 17 at the intersection of route 66. Parking is free and plentiful, but they get so much business its not unusual to have to wait for a parking spot during holiday periods or weekends.
By public transport; its about a 35 minute walk from Gyodashi station.
Online:Official English language website
Official Chinese language website
Main Japanese site
In the area:Mustard Seed: an old train carriage converted into a Railway Restaurant
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Sakitama Shrine | GYODA

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