Ameyakushi temple chichibu (2)

The Candy Doctor Festival is a fun translation of Chichibu’s “Ameyakushi” festival. Ameyakushi can mean candy doctor. But its actually not that far fetched a translation, because the festival does have its roots both in candy and a doctor, kind of!… Ameyakushi “Candy Doctor” Festival The Ame is actually forRead More →

Fireflies in their natural habitat in Chichibu

There is nothing quite like seeing fireflies in the wild, in their natural habitat. Chichibu is one of the few locations in Saitama that you can do just that: behold the stunning scene of fireflies in unadulterated surroundings. There are several different places you can see fireflies in the Chichibu areaRead More →

Pink and white pinwheels with hydrangea in the background June 2024 at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

Republish of the annual information for the seasonal pinwheel display at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine. Information for this annual June event has been on insaitama since the inauguration of the event. But it is updated annually and since last year (2023) I include hydrangea information. The ‘Hikawa’ hydrangea generally bloom roughlyRead More →

mini umbrellas at Mizumiya shrine, known as the frog shrine, in Fujimi

There is currently a gorgeous mini mini-umbrella sky at the frog shrine in Fujimi City. The umbrellas are adorable, no bigger than my hand, and hang in rows along the shrine’s approach. Moreover, the satsuki azalea are currently in full bloom and the hydrangea have started to bloom too. TheRead More →

Terasaka Rice Terrace candle night and firefly viewing

The Terasaka Rice Terraces “Firefly bonfire festival” has become quite famous, within Saitama anyway, in the last few years. Despite the remote location, hundreds make the journey to see the rare and stunning view of fireflies and candle light, or as they call them, bonfires. Information for this special eventRead More →

fireflies chichibu

Information for Firefly viewing and daylilies during rainy season, at Chichibu Muse Park, Ogano Town, Chichibu District, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Like many parks around Saitama Prefecture, you can see fireflies in Chichibu Muse Park in early summer. Moreover, they offer a supervised viewing event once a year. The date dependsRead More →