Metsa Village umbrella sky Japan's largest umbrella art installation Things to do in Saitama

Annual information for the Metsa Village Umbrella Sky “Forest and Lake and Umbrella“ aka Umbrella Sky Project / Umbrella Street, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The umbrella sky in Metsa* is one of the most famous and most popular summer events in Saitama Prefecture annually. To date, the event has gone aheadRead More →

Things to do in Saitama in the rainy season June

Saitama in June – June is the rainy season in the Kanto area of Japan. It doesn’t rain all day every day, but it rains enough to put a damper on outdoor plans. Despite that, June is still a popular month for Saitama-jin to go camping and enjoy barbecues betweenRead More →

Kawaguchi Skip City Visual Museum

Kawaguchi, Saitama.  A national holiday that falls on a Saturday usually equates full car parking lots, queues for entry, crowds and general pandemonium. So when we arrived at Skip City without encountering a traffic jam, secured a parking spot in a half empty parking lot, with no entry queues norRead More →