Little Moon bridge over a wading river in Konosu Seseragi park

Information for Seseragi Park in Konosu.

Before my trip to Europe this year, I had to renew my International Driver’s License. Because my previous one had lapsed, I had to go to the Saitama Prefecture Driver’s License Center to get it. For the record, if you don’t let it lapse you can just renew it in a local police station. The process is pretty painless, but more than that I was delighted to find another water play area to add to the blog!

Seseragi Park, Konosu

Steam locomotive engine at Seseragi Park Konosu

This park had caught my attention on a previous trip to the Driver’s License Center, because of the steam locomotive engine that is easily visible as you drive past. There is also a nice playground in the park, it has quite a bit of equipment including two combination pieces – one of them is pictured below. However, both the playground equipment and water play area is really best suited to children under the age of six.

seseragi park konosu

Water play area

The water play area is a manmade stream that leads to a wider splash pool area. There are some small bridges along the way, including a small moon bridge. There are two gazebo by the wading river, another by the playground and at least one in the green area. In addition, there is also a small round stone table with round seats, but there is no shade here. There are also some benches dotted around the park. There is nowhere to change, but there are toilets.


Event: Water Play area at Seseragi Park

Dates: the water play area can be used from early May to October

Time: the park itself is open 24 hours, but the water is only on from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Cost: free

Venue: Seseragi Park, 28 Central, Konosu, Saitama 365-0032. View on Google Maps.


The park is located close to Saitama Prefecture Driver’s License Center, Konosu Stadium and Konosu City Hall. As such, any bus going to those locations will bring you within walking distance of the park. You can get a bus for Konosu City Hall from Konosu Station. On foot, the park is about a 20 to 25 minute walk from Konosu station. In addition, buses from various locations go to the Prefecture Driver’s License center. If you are coming by car, there is parking for about ten cars.

Official web page on the Konosu City website.

Another water play area in Konosu.

Dozens of water play areas in Saitama Prefecture.

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