Tochimoto Water Park Ogawa

Tochimoto water (shinsui) park is a park around the Tochimoto Weir on the Tsuki River. Ogawa town developed the park as a relaxation space for locals. It is used for walking, fishing and river play. In addition, the park is used for various events during the year. Such as, the Ogawa Organic Fes and the Ogawa Bon Market.

Tochimoto Water Park

Tochimoto water park is a picturesque river area in Ogawa town. Ogawa Town recently improved the walkways along the river and added, for example, some exercise equipment, a playground, and some maple trees. They also added some new water features and a tiny little museum of sorts in a rest area by the water wheel of the park. There are also clean toilets , vending machines and a rest area, with shade, in the park.

Tochimoto Water Park Ogawa

Parts of the river are suited to river play and there are stepping stones over the river, which kids always love to play on. They use the stepping stones to launch lanterns down the river during the Bon Market, a festival for Obon. However, it doesn’t look like that festival will be on this year. You can fish in this river too.

Tochimoto Shinsui Park
Small playground by the car park
Tochimoto Water park
Shaded rest area by the toilets

Maple trees

There are approximately 50 maple trees along the walkway. Some of which are of the Nomura variety which change color, from orange hues to purple hues, from spring until Autumn:

Nomura Maple Tochimoto Water Park Ogawa
Orange maple leaves in summer! Nomura Maple Tree
>>Another really beautiful river play area on the Tsuki River, that is completely off the tourist path!


Location: Tochimoto (Shinsui) Water Park 栃本親水公園

Address: 948 Aoyama, 小川町 Ogawa, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0324. View on Google Maps.

Phone: 0493-721-221

Season: summer for water play, autumn for maple leaves

Hours: no hours specified and 24 hours in theory, but the parking lot may close overnight.

Cost: free and free parking


The park is about a ten minute walk from Ogawamachi Station. You can also get a bus from Ogawa Station! The bus that goes to Ogawa “Washi no Sato” 「和紙の里」stops at 「相生町」 and the park is a 2 minute walk from the bus stop. You can also rent a bike. There is a bike rental at the tourist office “Musubime” beside the south entrance of Ogawamachi station. It would take about 4 to 5 minutes by bike from the station to the park. If you are coming by car, there are two parking lots with about 25 parking spaces between them.

Official web page on the Ogawa Town website.

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