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Did you know Saitama Prefecture is home to Japan’s longest cherry blossom corridor? And according to Saitama City, it is not just the longest, but also Japan’s number 1 “sakura kairo”! Saitama Prefecture, beside Tokyo, is the only prefecture with a twenty kilometer long cherry blossom ‘corridor’ in all of Japan. It is called the Minuma Tanbo Cherry Blossom Corridor / Minuma Tanbo Sakura Kairo / 見沼田んぼ桜回廊. Moreover, there are several different varieties of cherry blossoms that bloom so you can see sakura from around the end of February until early April.

Japan’s longest Cherry Blossom Corridor Festival 2024

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Minuma Tanbo Cherry Blossoms Saitama City

Obviously, at twenty kilometers long there are several different points of interest along the way. In addition, there are also key viewing areas along the route. Saitama City pinpoint six key cherry blossom viewing areas along the route. They are;

1. The area around the Citizen’s Forest

One of the key areas is the area around Saitama City Citizen’s Forest, pictured above. >>You will find more detailed information for the photo location in this post<<. The Citizen’s Forest is also home to both Minuma Green Center and Saitama’s free squirrel (chipmunk) house:

2. Around Saitama City Hospital

Number two on the map from Saitama City shown below. This is where the light up event was supposed to be on in 2024. Minuma Tanbo Cherry Blossom Corridor Light Up 2024 見沼田んぼの桜回廊の桜夜桜・ライトアップ was scheduled for March 23rd from from 6 to 8.30 pm. However, they cancelled it last minute due to the lack of blossoms. View on Google Maps.

3. Minuma-Hikawa Park area

The area near Minuma-Hikawa park and around Hikawa Nyotai Shrine, also featured on the map below.

4. Around Omika Gakko Bridge

In an area called Hasumi Shinden. The bridge is named after the nearby elementary school.

5. In the area of Sojin Temple

Around the area of Sojin temple and also beside one of the Saitama Green Trust forests.

6. Minuma Nature Park

Along the north end of the park.

All six of these locations mapped on a Google MyMap:

Cherry Blossom Corridor Festival 2024

Interestingly the festival is held at a 7th location. The two day festival is on at Minuma Kizaki Square again this year. Information is very thin on the ground, they just say they have live performances such as taiko and shishimai. Last year, they also had a vegetable market and there were kitchen cars / food trucks also. They may cancel the festival in the event of rain. You can check on the official website on the day. The link is below the access information.


Event: Minuma Tanbo Cherry Blossom Corridor Spring festival 2024 見沼田んぼの桜回廊 春まつり

Date: Saturday March 23rd and Sunday March 24th 2024.

Time: from 10 am to 3 pm.

Cost: there is no admission fee.

Venue: (for the festival) Minuma Kizaki Square, 397 Misaki, Urawa Ward, Saitama, 330-0041. View on Google Maps.


Directions for the spring festival: Minuma Kizaki Square is about a 30 minute walk from JR Yono station. However, if you alight at Kita Urawa Station you can get a Tobu bus, bound for 「東新井団地」, from the Kita Urawa bus stop to Yamazaki bus stop. It takes about seven minutes on the bus and then its about a five minute walk to the festival square.

Official website.

Editor’s note: this post was temporarily removed from the website during the pandemic. It was republished on March 6th 2023.

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