Kawazuzakura at Cosmos Arena Fukiage Konosu

Information for early spring flowers and the 2024 Fukiage Poppy Festival at Cosmos Arena Fukiage. Which, as the name suggests, is best known for its cosmos. But they bloom in Autumn. This post focuses on a selection of the spring flowers you can see at the venue, including kawazu (earlyRead More →

jogenji Saitama city kawazu x weeping plum

The scene of kawazu cherry beside weeping plum blossoms, the two shades of pink side by side, is absolutely breathtaking. It was an absolute delight to find this kawazu cherry blossoms x weeping plum blossom spot in the heart of Saitama, thanks to a chance encounter while I was walkingRead More →

Satte Cherry Blossom Festival at Gongendo Park

Information for the 91st annual Satte cherry blossom festival at the beautiful Gongendo Park. This post also contains information for the early blooming Kawazuzakura variety, which should start to bloom around the end of February. You will find that information below the festival information. You can find general information forRead More →

February Kawazu cherry blossoms in Tokigawa

A scenic, off the beaten path spot for early blooming cherry blossoms in Tokigawa in the Hiki District of Saitama Prefecture. Information for the cherry blossoms, of the Kawazuzakura variety, that start to bloom in February and can usually be seen until around mid March. The area these cherry blossomsRead More →

kawazuzakura in Kawajima along the Ando River

Kawazuzakura are an early blooming, pink cherry blossom. They normally bloom from around the third week in February to early March, generally speaking. There are locations where they bloom earlier and places where they bloom later. However, in Saitama Prefecture the kawazuzakura are more fickle than the main variety ofRead More →

Honjo Park Plum blossoms

Honjo is quite far from us so its a city I didn’t visit much when the kids were very small. However, since all four of my kids started elementary school last year, I’ve been several times. And I will keep going back, as there is quite a lot to discoverRead More →

Ryusenji lanterns

Ryusenji / Ryusen Temple is the undisputed home of papercut ‘Goshuin’. A ‘Goshuin’ is a stamp or seal that you can receive for a fee at temples and shrines in Japan. What makes Ryusen-ji’s so special is that they are intricately cut from paper, like a stencil. Ryusenji was theRead More →

Shouganji temple at Konosu Park

Konosu Park is located beside Shouganji¹ temple, which is a famous doll temple. The temple is renowned for its unique “Doll Memorial Service”. Konosu Park is relatively small, but during the cherry blossom season it attracts hundreds of visitors for its mature cherry blossoms. The scene of the temple gatesRead More →

Legendary 500 year old gingko trees at Kou Shrine in Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture, lit up at night

Ko (Kou / Kō) Shrine, 鴻神社, is the principal shrine of Konosu City. The Kanji is 鴻, “otori”, which is from konotori, which means oriental stork. The shrine is home to the konotori legend from which Konosu city gets its name. Konosu is also written with the same kanji 鴻Read More →