Kawazuzakura at Kumagaya Sakura Undo Park

Early blooming “Kawazuzakura” Cherry Blossoms at Kumagaya Sakura Undo (Sports / Exercise) Park Bad news about the Kawazuzakura in Saitama Prefecture unfortunately. This year, although they only really starting blooming last week, they are already turning green. The bloom on average (of monitoring 20 different Kawazu zakura spots) was onlyRead More →

gongendo cherry blossoms

Information specific to the cherry blossom season at Gongendo Park. You can find general information for the park and information for other seasonal blooms here. There are about 1000 yoshino cherry blossom trees at Gongendo Park (#4 park) that stretch a kilometer along the riverbank. Incredibly, these cherry blossoms wereRead More →