Kisai Hydrangea Festival and Tsurugashima Kyoei Autumn festival

The Kisai area of Kazo has a rich history with many festivals each year, including this traditional summer festival each year in July. Like most of the festivals in the area, such as the hydrangea and wisteria festivals, Tamashiki Shrine is center stage.

Kisai Summer Festival 2024

The festival starts from the prominent Tamashiki Shrine. After the large portable shrine is blessed in a ritual, it is then carried around the streets down to the Kisai Shopping Street. The street is pedestrianized for the occasion. In addition, there is traditional dance such as Yosakoi, Hanagasa and other Japanese festival dances. Moreover, there is a night bazaar and a beer garden.

The festival usually goes ahead if there is light rain, but is generally cancelled if there is heavy rain or a typhoon forecasted. You can check the official page, linked in the information section, for any last minute changes.

>>Tamashiki Shrine is famous for many things, including its stunning wisteria.


Event: Kisai Summer Festival 2024 騎西夏まつり

Dates: Saturday July 27th 2024

Time: from 5 pm to 9.30 pm

Cost: no admission fee, but bring some yen if you would like to enjoy the beer garden or night bazaar! Also, if you are going to be visiting the shrine, it is customary to put some yen, even just 1 yen (or 5 yen for luck) into the prayer box.

Venue: The festival starts at Tamashiki Shrine, 552-1 Kisai, Kazo, Saitama 347-0105. View on Google Maps. But the main area is on the Kisai Shopping Street.


The nearest train station is Kazo Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line. But it is quite a walk. There are normally buses to the area, but due to the festival there is restrictions on traffic. The official parking for the festival is at the Kazo City Plaza Kisai Southside parking lot.

Official web page.

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