A poster for the 2022 Wako Citizen's Festival in Saitama prefecture

The Wako Citizens’ Festival is an autumn festival, held annually in November. The main festival is normally on for two days around the middle of November, with smaller events in the lead up to it. In 2022 it was only on for one day due to the pandemic, but in 2023 it is on for eight days with one main day – the last day.

Wako Citizen’s Festival

The festival is held around the Wako City offices. The objective of the festival when it was first set up was to encourage Wako Citizens to increase their awareness of global understanding and multicultural coexistence. Source: was an English web page on Wako City website, which has been lost with the city’s website update. Ironically, despite the objective of the festival, there is very little information in English online. All I could find was two outdated articles from the English web pages of the city (which I had linked, but their links now go to an error page as the website has gone through a renewal during the pandemic).

In 2023 the festival is on from Saturday November 4th to Sunday November 12th. The last day, Sunday the 12th, is the ‘main day’ according to the official website. But they will also have a festival on Saturday the 11th from 4 pm to 8 pm around the south entrance of Wakoshi station. Before the pandemic the Saturday festival had Japanese dance and music performances. Also, there were mikoshi, portable shrine, processions. Before the pandemic there were festival stalls and stage performances on both days. Usually the city mascot visited on the Sunday. Unfortunately, just like last year, the city have no released any further details yet.


Event: Wako Citizen’s Festival 和光市民祭り

Dates: Saturday November 4th to Sunday November 12th 2023 – the main days are Saturday November 11th and Sunday November 12th.

Time: Various. On Saturday the 11th the festival will be on from 4 pm to 8 pm.

Cost: there is no admission fee

Venue: Wakoshi Station and in and around Wako City Hall, 1-5 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0192. View on Google Maps.


The Wako festival can be accessed from Tobu Tojo and Metro line’s Wako Station. On Saturday the 11th the action is at the station. On Sunday the 12th, the main venue is around city hall, which is about a 15 minute walk from the station. There is no car parking available for this festival and they strongly discourage people from coming by car.

Official event page.

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