Higashichichibu red spider lilies

Just a very quick post to let you know of one location that is expecting their red spider lilies to be in full bloom this weekend. As I have had a LOT of direct messages on social media asking where will be in full bloom this weekend! Higashichichibu Village have said that they expect all of their spider lily locations will reach full bloom this weekend. The spider lilies along Yasudo Riverbank Walk are expected to reach peak on Saturday the 23rd. In addition, the ones at Fureai Hiroba are expected to peak on Sunday the 24th.

There are a total of four different areas with red spider lilies on the Yasudo Riverbank Walk. The Yasudo Riverbank Walk is a lovely promenade along the Tsuki river. The four locations are mapped, along with the Fureai Hiroba, on a MyMap by Higashichichibu, below. The photo in this post is also from Higashichichibu. I will back fill this post in the future, with further details.

Official update page on the Higashi chichibu website.

Another location, much nearer Tokyo, that has said their red spider lilies are currently in full bloom.

Find even more spider lily locations in Saitama Prefecture here.

I found this video on Youtube, showcasing the red spider lilies along the Yasudo Riverwalk / embankment. I have no association / affiliation to this person or channel:

If you are visiting the red spider lilies in Higashichichibu, you can also check out the popular Washi no Sato Roadside Station. There you can try your hand at Washi Paper making. There is also the excellent Chichibu Highland Ranch

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