Lavender Kuki at the Blue Festival

Information for the Blue Festival – iris and lavender flowers – in 2024 in Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Kuki Blue Festival No, it’s not missing an “s” and its nothing to do with music; the blue festival in Kuki is in celebration of “blue” flowers that bloom at thisRead More →

Nagatoro Flower Village golden poppies

Information for the seasonal flowers at the Nagatoro Flower Village “Nagatoro Hana no Sato”, which is best known for its Golden Poppies. However, there are also other flowers grown seasonally. Such as the beautiful hydrangea in July and the cosmos in late summer. Furthermore, there are cherry blossoms that bloomRead More →

thousands of white annabelle hydrangea at hydrangea festival

Information for the 22nd annual Satte hydrangea festival in 2024 at Satte Gongendo Park. Since the dawn of Instagram Satte Gongendo Park has become one of the most famous and popular places to see hydrangea flowers not just in Saitama Prefecture, but in the Greater Tokyo Area. Before the pandemicRead More →

Cover photo with wind chimes for the 2022 information about the enmusubi wind chimes at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine e

2024 Information for the annual “enmusubi” wind chimes and glistening river at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine. This year is the ten year anniversary of the famous wind chimes. The Enmusubi Wind Chimes at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine are generally displayed from the first weekend of July to the first week in September.Read More →

Lanterns Aobaen April May 2023 and 2024

Information for the latest display at Aobaen in Saitama City. The display changes every 6 to 8 weeks. Currently, in May 2024 it is a colorful corridor of lanterns. Since around August 2022, Aobaen Cemetery in Saitama City, have a permanent wooden trellis in front of their three tiered pagoda.Read More →