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Introducing Comoriver Tokitama Himitsu Kichi campsite and restaurant by Onsen Dojo in Tokigawa Town in the Hiki District of Saitama Prefecture. In 2021, information was added for the special Christmas event to celebrate 100 years of Japan – Estonia relations. This year you can enjoy an Estonian Christmas in Saitama! Information for this exclusive event toward the bottom of the post.


Comoriver Tokitama Cafe Tokigawa

Comoriver Tokitama Himitsu Kichi is a campsite, glamping site, cafe and riverside day camp. Onsen Dojo is the chain relaxation service provider behind hot spring resorts such as Cafe Bivouac, Cafe Utatane, and You Park Ogose.

Onsen Dojo

Tamagawa Hot Spring
Nearby Showa Retro Tamagawa Hot spring, another of Onsen Dojo’s relaxation facilities

Unlike the other offerings by Onsen Dojo, this site does not have a hot spring or public bath. However, another of their relaxation resorts is close by, which is a renowned retro themed hot spring: Tamagawa Hot spring.

Tokitama Himitsu Kichi

Tokitama Himitsu kichi comoriver tokigawa

The full name of the resort on the Toki River is Comoriver Tokitama Himitsu Kichi. Tokitama Himitsu Kichi is the name of the glamping cafe of the resort. Himitsu Kichi means a secret base or hideout in English. Hereafter I just call it “Comoriver”.

menu Tokitama Himitsu kichi comoriver tokigawa

The cafe is relaxing with wooden floors and beams with glamping decor. They have some hammocks in the cafe too. The menu is quite small, but is surprisingly good value. You can get dishes for one coin – 500 yen, or a lunch set for 1,280 yen which includes soup and a drink.

Glamping Cabin

Comoriver glamping Tokigawa insaitama (3)

The glamping cabins are gorgeous. They are on the side of the cafe across from the river. There is a nice little wooded area out front which is illuminated with fairy lights and caming lanterns. They each have their own deck with a proper barbecue.

Outdoor barbecue on deck in glamping cabins comoriver

Inside there is a small kitchen beside the deck, and past that the bedroom area with two beds. The kitchen has a refrigerator, cooking rings and oven toaster. There is a shower in the bathroom with shower gel, shampoo, towels and toothbrushes. And the cabin is air conditioned.

Glamping Tents

The tents are right on the Toki river. The river beach is stony, but the glamping tents have a good base with rugs and padding so that you don’t feel the stones. They are quite spacious inside, but are for up to three people only.

Comoriver Glamping Site

The glamping site is more expensive than the cabins. Prices start from 39,000 yen, but that includes the food you need for the barbecue. They are fully furbished with bedding and barbecue equipment. The price includes the cover charge to nearby Tamagawa Onsen.

BYO Tent

Toki river at Comoriver Tokigawa

They don’t advertise it on their website, but you can actually bring your own (BYO) tent too. You can pay a much more congruous fee to rent a space along the river and pitch your own tent to camp. Prices start from 4,000 yen for the site, but its rare to get it that cheap. It usually works out about 6,000 yen. You can find the option when you click into their reservations page and scroll to the very bottom.

Cherry Blossoms

Camping under Cherry blossoms
From the official website, linked

Spring is a popular time for camping, with many of the campsites opening for the season in early March. Comoriver is open during the cherry blossom season, and as you can see from the photo above, it is possible to camp under the cherry blossoms.

Day camp

The river is quite shallow in one area and it used to be a popular public spot for children to play. And they could play for free. Onsen Dojo does receive a bit of negative publicity for now charging people to play in the river.

Camp sap sauna cafe sign at comoriver

The day camp is a three hour slot between the hours of 10.30 am and 3 pm. There are three different options:

  • Glamping site barbecue
  • Standard site barbecue
  • BYO site

The first two options comes with all the equipment and food you need for a barbecue. One site is for a maximum of six people so if you have more than that in your party you need to book an additional site. Prices are charged per person for the first two options – from 9,800 per person for the glamping site and from 4,800 per person for the standard site.

Volkswagen VW van at Comoriver Tokigawa

The BYO site is a flat rate of 6,000 yen, but you can stay until 10 am the next day. This is charged by site, not per person and they don’t have an upper limit of how many people are allowed. You can park your car beside the site. However, please note there are no sinks or facilities in the BYO area.


Goat at comoriver
  • They have a goat!
  • There was a pop up sauna for a while, but it seems to be gone now
  • There is a bike rack out the front of the cafe for cyclists
  • Toilet facilities are shared by campers and cafe goers
  • They have a foot wash area

Mini Estonian Christmas Market 2022

Winter wonderland at Comoriver from PR Times

The Estonian Christmas market is back in 2022. It will run for the full month of December – from December 1st to December 31st. It is just a mini Christmas market, but it sells Estonian Christmas goods. They also have a ‘winter wonderland’ in the resort this year, as per the photo above from PR Times.

>>A selection of 11 other Christmas Markets in Saitama Prefecture this year.

Comoriver Information

Information sign at Tokitama Himitsu kichi comoriver tokigawa
Hours:Comoriver is open for business from Wednesdays to Mondays, closed on Tuesdays.

Campsite ~ Check in 3 pm, check out 10 am

Restaurant ~ 11 am to 3 pm weekdays, to 4 pm on weekends

Day camp ~ earliest slot from 10.30 am, closes at 3 pm
Cost:Glamping Cabin ~ from 22,500 per night

Glamping tent ~ from 39,000 per site (includes breakfast and dinner)

Free tent site ~ from 4,000 per site per night

Day camp / BBQ ~ from 4,800 per person

Restaurant ~ between 480 and 1,280 yen
Address:930-1 Hongo, Tokigawa, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0353
Web: Official website


By public transport

Myokaku Station time slip station in Tokigawa

The nearest train station is Myokaku Station on the Hachiko line. Myokaku station is a beautiful wooden time slip train station. The campsite and cafe are about a 30 minute walk from the station.

By car

The nearest highway exit is Higashimatsuyama Interchange on the Kanetsu expressway E17. It is about a 20 minute drive from the highway to Comoriver. The car park is to the side of the Himitsu Kichi Cafe.


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