Ofuro Cafe Bivouac – The opening day for the new super hotspring in KUMAGAYA Saitama is drawing close. This is one to get excited about folks, because apart from being a state of the onsen, it has lots of extra services AND hammocks and a climbing wall for adults! Please note, this onsen is not suitable to children under 7 years of age. Update summer 2017: Almost a year after first opening its door for business, Cafe Bivouac underwent a renewal and opened a Kids Park! Update September 1st: Opening day has been set for September 10th. 

Since writing this post in 2016 I’ve been to visit –

Award winning spa resort in Rugby Town Kumagaya

From the official website: https://ofurocafe-bivouac.com/
From the official website: https://ofurocafe-bivouac.com/

They use the word glamping in their public relation articles, which has me intrigued. However, I don’t think they offer glamorous camping, but rather are using the concept of glamping to offer an outdoor feel to their luxury hot springs.

Bivouac is just the latest offering from the hot spring chain Onsen Dojo, who take relaxation to the next level.  There most famous of their hot springs is probably Cafe Utatane in Saitama’s Kita-ku. That has a hotel as well as many great extras including a lovely play area for kids. However, Bivouac is for adults or older children only.

The Bivouac hot springs are set to open for business early September, but the official date has not been released yet. They will open 23 hours a day from 10 am to 9 am. Entry to the onsen costs 1380 yen. There is free parking for 195 cars.

You can receive updates and preview photos from their active Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ofurocafe.bivouac/
They are also active on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ofurocafe_bivo  
The official website is: https://ofurocafe-bivouac.com/

This is one to bookmark for the rugby players and anyone coming to the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Kumagaya Saitama. Relax and regroup in comfort while experiencing a truly unique Japanese tradition.

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