Hiratsuka park adventure playground

Hiratsuka Park  – Ageo has some really great parks, but Hiratsuka Park is not one of them! The probably sounds a bit harsh, but it pales in comparison to the other parks in Ageo such as Maruyama Park and Kamihira Park. It is grand for a quick visit or if you happen to be in the area or passing through. It is beside Ageo’s Round1, which is home to the very excellent Spocha.

Hiratsuka Park

Although it is not a great park overall, there are two things that I like about it. The adventure playground in the woods is quite nice, although small, and it is engaging for children who are in the lower grades of elementary school. The other is that there are some really beautiful cherry blossoms in the park around the courtyard where the wading river is in the summer. Speaking of, the wading river there is very popular, although it wouldn’t be a favorite of ours personally.

The wading river and splash pool in the park is popular with locals, but as there is no shade directly over the wading river we have not been during the summer when the water is on. But it seems to be quite popular and features in many Japanese language water play round ups. The water play area will be on for Golden Week in 2024, from April 27th to May 6th. It will be turned on again for the summer holidays from July 20th to August 25th. There are occasionally times when the water play area is suddenly unavailable. For example, if the weather is bad or if the temperature of the water is too hot. See what other water play areas are open here.

The water play area, out of season:

Water play area in Hiratsuka park


The adventure playground is one of two playgrounds in the park.  The adventure playground is the better of the two by far, but it is only suited to older children. If younger children are playing there you would need to watch them closely as there are a lot of lose twigs and branches sticking up and the climbing activities are for older children.

Hiratsuka Park

The park is quite small with the result the two playgrounds are close to each other which is convenient when you have children of different ages with you. The other playground isn’t great though. The equipment is quite old, and while its functional it doesn’t look very appealing. It is more suited to smaller children. They do have slides and a sandpit.

There are tennis courts on one side of the park, they are kind of separated from the main park itself. There are public toilets as well as taps to wash your hands. Also, there are drink vending machines.

Access Hiratsuka Park

Closest station is Shiku station on the Saitama New Urban Transit New Shuttle line. It is about a 25 minute walk from the station.

On route 5 close to the city hall turn on the Nakasendo (route 17). Parking is free, but quite limited.

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First published January 10th 2014, republished March 22nd 2018.

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