kasukabe shishimai

Information for the Kasukabe Shishimai performance at Choshi guchi Katori shrine annually in January.

Choshiguchi Shishimai

Choshiguchi shishimai (lion dance) was brought to Kasukabe from the current Koshigaya city in 1697. It is a lion dance to music with three single “lions” performed at Choshiguchi Katori shrine in Kasukabe. Three individual lions at a shishimai performance is not that common in Saitama, which is one of the draws of this particular shishimai. It is a tangible folk cultural property of Kasukabe City. You can see shishimai three times during the year at the Choshiguchi katori shrine, including this New Year performance held in January. The other two dates are in July and October.

This year, the New Year event seems to be back to normal. In 2023, the event was on, but it was a much shorter performance than usual due to the pandemic. And Kasukabe City didn’t even advertise the event. But this year, they are advertising it and have confirmed it will be on Sunday the 14th of January 2024. Moreover, it will be on from 2 pm, unlike last year when it was uncharacteristically on in the morning.

2024 Information

Event: Choshiguchi Shishimai Performance 銚子口の獅子舞

Date: Sunday January 14th 2024

Time: from 2 pm

Cost: free, but it is customary to throw some money into the prayer box

Venue: Choshiguchi Katori Shrine 銚子口香取神社, 551 Choshiguchi, Kasukabe, Saitama 344-0013. View on Google Maps.

There is no official website, just a page on Saitama’s shrine directory.

For more events in January.

Choshiguchi Shishimai was temporarily off the blog during the pandemic. The last time it appeared on the blog was for the 2020 performance on January 19th 2020. Republished January 5th 2023. Last update: January 8th 2024.

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