Terasaka Rice Terrace candle night and firefly viewing

The Terasaka Rice Terraces “Firefly bonfire festival” has become quite famous, within Saitama anyway, in the last few years. Despite the remote location, hundreds make the journey to see the rare and stunning view of fireflies and candle light, or as they call them, bonfires. Information for this special eventRead More →

Roses lit up at night for rose light up event Heiseinomori Saitama Prefecture

Each year in May Japan’s longest rose tunnel light up their roses at night. This is an event I personally visit every year without fail. There is something about roses lit up at night that I find mesmerizing. There are plenty of roses festivals in Saitama Prefecture and beyond. ButRead More →

Iwatsuki Midsummer Night Market

Special events at Iwatsuki Crescent mall for Golden Week 2024. For the opening of the Golden Week events the popular Iwatsuki Night Market is on. The night market started a few years ago as a summer event, called “Midsummer Night Market”. The event has been so successful that this yearRead More →

Nagatoro Green leaves light up

Nagatoro green leaves light up in 2024 ~ Tsuki no Ishi Momiji Park in Nagatoro is known for its Autumn leaves. And each year in Autumn they light up the leaves at night. But just before the pandemic they also started lighting up the leaves while they were green. AndRead More →

Three of the places lit up by lanterns for the Kawagoe Night Walk 2024

This February Kawagoe will have a very special illumination event centered around Honmaru Goten, with six other participating locations. The “lantern lit night walk for adults” is on from Friday February 9th to Wednesday February 14th 2024. Not only is each of the seven locations lit by lantern, but theyRead More →