Nature spot tokigawa Sanba Gorge Sanba Ravine

Sanba Keikoku – Known in English as either Sanba Gorge, Sanba Valley or Sanba Ravine. It is a beautiful river ravine suited to water play, swimming, fishing and barbecue. Despite the town’s remote location in nature rich Tokigawa, in Saitama Prefecture, the area is serviced by a (infrequent) train. The station, Myokaku station, is a tourist spot in itself, due to the unusual architecture of the station.

Sanba Gorge / Sanba Ravine

Nature spot tokigawa Sanba Gorge Sanba Ravine

The Tokigawa town eponymous Toki River runs through the gorge. Due to a man made stairway down to the gorge, it is easy to access even if you aren’t much of a hiker or trekker. In Spring there are few people around. Particularly this year with Coronavirus. It proved a popular getaway for my family of six before the State of Emergency.

Tokigawa nature spot sanba gorge sanba ravine

However, in the summer it is quite a popular spot. It attracts locals as well as people from neighboring towns and cities too. To avoid the crowds the ravine draws in the height of summer, you have to be prepared to climb to get to a more remote location to set up day camp / barbecue and / or splash around. Also, if you are coming by car you may not be able to park in the official car park.

Stairway down to the Samba Gorge / Ravine / Valley in Tokigawa
Stairway down to the Samba Gorge

The stair down has a handrail, but that and a toilet near the car park is about the extent of the facilities at the south entrance to the ravine. On the North end though, there is the Tokigawa Shiki-saikan. It is located beside the river and has several facilities. There is a stunning hot springs at Tokigawa Shiki Saikan. In an old transformed house. They also have a really nice barbecue area. There is a picnic area beside it.

Toki River

Toki river nature Tokigawa Sanba Gorge Sanba Ravine

The Toki river is quite clear and clean in the Sanba gorge. So if you are looking for clear rivers where children can play or fish, this is a good choice. However, it is a popular place for children to play in the river in summer, so it can get crowded. The gorge itself is very rocky with stone beaches, but there are a few spots where the river is not rocky. There is one part where the river is deep enough to have a little swim. The river is also frequently used for fishing.

Rock Climbing

Nature Tokigawa, Samba Ravine, Sanba Gorge

There are several areas in the gorge that are suitable for climbing. However for some areas you would need to have the proper equipment. There are some nice spots to climb up to, such as the naturally formed tunnel through some rock pictured above.

A note on safety

Apart from the man-made stairs down to the gorge, the Samba ravine is for the most part in its natural state. A preserved nature area of Tokigawa. It is a very rocky gorge and the area to the left of the stairs is full of large rocks that you can climb on. To get to the rocks you first have to wade through the river, which is knee high for an adult. The area in front of the stairs is where the deep part is, waist high for the average adult.

Nature Tokigawa  Sanba gorge sanba ravine

To the right of the stairs is safer for smaller children. But as it is rocky, due diligence is advised. However, the river on that end is not as rocky as other parts and the water is only ankle high and therefore is suited to river play.

Sanba Gorge, Tokigawa

Sanba Ravine / Sanba Gorge / Sanba Keikoku


Address:〒355-0357 Saitama, Hiki District, Tokigawa, Sanba Gorge
Phone:Tokigawa Town Office 0493-65-1532
Hours:The ravine doesn’t close, but the car park is roped off at night
Cost:Free and free parking
Online:On the Tokigawa town website

Sanba Ravine Access

Free parking beside the staircase down to the gorge, Tokigawa nature spot. They are currently making another car park beside it. There is also free parking on the far side of the river.

Myokaku Station
Myokaku Station
Myokaku Station in the Kinomura area of Tokigawa

Despite Tokigawa being a rural nature town it has a train station. And not just any old train station, one that is famed for its architecture. The station has become a tourist spot in itself. Myokaku Station is frequently listed in books and magazines about scenic train stations. It is best seen when the cherry blossom out front is in bloom. Myokaku station is on the rural and scenic Hachiko line from Hachioji, Tokyo. The station was opened in March 1934, but the current building was only built in 1988. It was built to replace the original building that was damaged by fire.

The Sanba Gorge is a 40 minute walk from Myokaku Station. There is a bus stop just a minute walk from the entrance to the gorge. The bus goes to Myokaku Station via Seseragi Bus Center. An alternative route is to get a bus to the Tokigawa Four Seasons Hot spring and walk into the gorge from that end.

In the Tokigawa Area

Nearby by car


  1. Wow! What a beautiful place to be in! I would love to visit Japan someday. And I hope that by then, I can also visit this ravine. The waters are so clean!

    1. Author

      Thank you. I really hope you do get to visit someday. So many beautiful spots as well as unique attractions and some great events too. Thanks again for commenting.

  2. What a pretty spot to explore! It is such a blessing that even in these times, when we can’t be around others, we can take in the beauty of nature.

    1. Author

      I think the beauty of nature has really helped us to get through this difficult time of “isolation”. Being out in nature helps us to feel connected. Plus the sound of a river is very therapeutic. 🙂 Thank you for commenting.

  3. Wow, you’ve really found a beautiful spot here. I love the beauty nature brings regardless of what is going on in the world around us.

    1. Me too. 🙂 Its been a saving grace in this difficult time. Thanks for commenting Adrienne.

  4. what a great place to explore! I love what you said about the facilities – most places have lifesized pokemons waiting to greet you in Japan!

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