Cherry Blossom themed afternoon tea at Shikitei Cafe in Omiya Rikyu Saitama City

Information for the seasonal afternoon tea at Shikitei Cafe in Saitama City.
In Spring 2023, the theme is cherry blossoms and strawberries, with a Japanese twist.

Seasonal Afternoon Tea

Shikitei Cafe is a cafe restaurant located in a wedding venue called Omiya Rikyu. Shikitei cafe is open to the public, but the rest of the venue is only for wedding guests. They have a fixed menu on the restaurant end of things, but each season they offer a themed afternoon tea.

Each year, since about 2016, I share information for their Halloween afternoon tea. But during the pandemic I also started to share their other seasonal high tea. Truthfully, there was so little else on at the time, I needed to fill the event pages! However, there was a greater interest than I had anticipated. So now, I share four of their seasonal events each year. Summer, Halloween, Winter and the cherry blossom themed spring Afternoon Tea. But their Halloween High Tea remains the most famous and popular.


Just like with the winter version, strawberries are a key feature of the spring version. It is a great time for strawberries, so no surprises there. But the ‘Japanese twist’ comes from the Matcha flavoring. In addition to the strawberries, the sweet flavors include lime and raw, white and plain chocolate.

The 3 tier tea stand has various mini desserts, such as Mont Blanc, mochi, jelly and macarons. There are two flavor of scones: plain or white chocolate cranberry. Savouries include temari sushi, mini quiche and green pea soup. As well as a mini marinated radish and tomato dish. In addition, the afternoon tea is accompanied with all you can drink (in 90 minutes) coffee, tea, including herbal tea, or soft drinks.

All images on this event share post are from the official website.

Strawberry Festive Afternoon Tea Information

Event: Japanese-style afternoon tea with cherry blossoms and strawberries 桜といちごの和風アフタヌーンティー

Dates: Wednesday March 1st to Monday April 17th 2023. The restaurant is closed on Tuesdays.

Times: 90 minute time slot between noon to 4.30 pm on weekdays and between 2 pm and 4.30 pm on weekends. Last order, 4 pm.

Cost: 3,739 yen, before tax, on weekdays, 3913 yen, before tax, on weekends. If you want to sit in the sofa area of the restaurant there is usually an additional charge. Also, if you want the special parfaits there is also an additional charge.

Venue: Shikitei Cafe, Omiya Rikyu Wedding Venue, 1 Chome-816-7 Uetakecho, Kita Ward, Saitama, 331-0813. Scroll down for map and access – below Halloween Afternoon Tea photo.

Like with all and everything during the pandemic, it is subject to change, so please do always check with the official website for the most up to date information. I try my best to update all events in real time, but it is not always possible.

You can already book on the official website.

Take out Alices tea party Halloween afternoon tea saitama city omiya shikitei
The 2021 Alice and the Queen of Hearts afternoon tea


The restaurant is a nine minute walk from Toro Station on the JR Tohoku line. It takes 14 minute on foot from Kamonomiya Station on the New Urban Transit New Shuttle line. You can also get a shuttle bus from Omiya station west exit (behind Sonic City), on weekdays it says bound for Spa-Herbs on it.

There is parking available. It is located in front of the Kita Omiya Housing stage site.

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