Fusasara Festival in Soka

The Soka Fusasara Festival is quite a large festival. It is held annually around the Soka Matsubara Promenade. There are many different elements to the festival including, for example, a parade, stage events, market, bouncing castles, world bazaar and even a boat ride. Designed as a festival for the people, it draws people of all ages from around the city and from further afield too.

Soka Fusasara Festival 2023

The festival is held at three locations around Soka Matsubara which is famous for its scenery, primarily the pine trees on the avenue. There is a market along the promenade on the day. On route 1050 there is a parade. At Matsubara Ayase River park you can enjoy a boat ride. In addition, they have a world bazaar in the river park, with food from around the world. In 2023, they will have food from Peru, Turkey, Brazil, India, Thailand, Vietnam and several other countries. Furthermore, there is a cultural demonstration area showcasing Soka’s dance festivals, such as the Soka Yosakoi and Samba Festival and the Fusasara Dance Festival, which were just on this past weekend. There is also dance and other performances on the live stage.


Event: Soka Fusasara Festival 草加ふささら祭り

Date: Sunday October 22nd 2023

Time: from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Cost: there is no admission fee

Venue: Matsubara Ayase River Park, around municipal route 1050 and at Soka Matsubara Promenade, Sōka, Saitama 340-0013. View on Google Maps.


The promenade is about a 5 minute walk from Tobu Line’s Dokkyo Daigaku Mae Station, which was formerly known Matsubara Danchi Station. By car; it is about 5 minutes from the Soka Interchange of the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway. Please note, parking will be limited on the day.

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