Summer Festival Shiki – Shiki City cancelled the event in both 2021 and 2022. This information is from a previous year. This post has not been updated in a few years. I hope to update it in time for the 2023 event which will hopefully go ahead as normal.

Shiki Summer Festival

Day 1 of the festival. The city of Shiki host a number of festivals during the month of July every year. They are collectively known as Shiki Summer Festival, with a 100 plus year history. The weekend after the July public holiday each year is the main event that attracts hundreds of thousands people. This year that is July 21st and 22nd. The other dates of the festivals are July 8th, 14th and 15th.

Shiki summer festival mikoshi

On July 8th the summer festival is held around Ten shrine in the Nakamuneoka area of Shiki City. The festival starts in the afternoon around 2.30 pm, but the main attraction is from 7 to 9 pm. The main attraction is the Shiki Mikoshi, a palanquin or portable shrine carried around town by bearers in festival wear. There is a children’s mikoshi too.

Information (Japanese language only) on the official website. Link currently unavailable.


The site of the first day of the Festival is near the Shiki City Office. If you get any bus going to the city office you will be able to walk to the festival area. Map in the grey details box at the very bottom of the post. For more events in Saitama, please see the main events category.  

Shiki City Official website

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