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The Tatara festival is the largest annual festival in Kawaguchi with over 160 stalls and approximately 150,000 people attending. In 2019 three major changes were made to the festival. They are outlined below. At the time of announcing the 2019 changes, the organizers stated there will be no Tatara Festival in 2020 due to the Olympics and Paralympics. Furthermore, Kawaguchi City announced on June 30th 2021 that there will be no festival in 2021.

It is still not known if the next festival will return to the pre 2019 or whether the 2019 changes are here to stay. We will have to wait until 2022 to find out.

What were the three changes to the Tatara Festival in 2019?

For one, the date changed. The festival was always held in early August, but in 2019 the festival was held on Saturday the 31st of August and Sunday the 1st of September.

Secondly, the location has changed from Kawaguchi Autorace site to Skip City.

And thirdly, due to the location change, there was no fireworks. However, Kawaguchi introduced a new annual fireworks display in 2019. This fireworks may replace the Tatara fireworks going forward.

Tatara festival access

There used to be a free shuttle bus to the event area from Kawaguchi, Nishikawaguchi, Warabi and Hatogaya stations. They will continue this service to the new event site at Kawaguchi Skip City.

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The information was up to date and accurate to the best of my knowledge at the timing of updating in 2021.

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