Yorii Tamayodo Suitengu Festival

One of Saitama’s most spectacular summer festivals, the Yorii Tamayodo Suitengu festival (Suitenguusai) and fireworks need little introduction within Saitama. If you are looking for a unique, but traditional festival – one of the best Water Festivals in all of Japan – pin this! Despite the magnificence of this water festival with fireworks, I don’t think it is that well known outside the Kanto plain. It maybe why it “only” attracts about 70,000 spectators each year! No doubt, the location also plays a part, as this end of Saitama is quite far from Tokyo. It is a long way to go for a two hour festival! (But see the access area for other places you could go before the festival!)

Yorii Tamayodo Suitenguusai

The unique water festival X fireworks, Yorii Tamayodo Suitenguusai (Suitengu Festival), is scheduled for the first time in four years. However, in 2022, they actually had a small fireworks display. It was broadcast live, without spectators. In 2023, the festival and fireworks are on August 5th. They always have the festival on the first Saturday of August annually. The festival is on in the area known as Tamayodo. Tamayodo is a prefecture designated scenic spot of Saitama. They launch the fireworks on the embankment of the Arakawa river.

Suitengu festival
Sorry, quality is bad, its an old photo!

Suitengu Festival

Suitenguu is the name of the shrine to which this 90+ year old festival is affiliated. The setting of the festival is truly spectacular. The sight of beautiful water floats with lanterns backdropped by colorful fireworks will give you goosebumps and make your hairs stand up! You can only enjoy this unique scene at the Tamayodo Suitengu Festival. They launch around 5000 fireworks, including the waterfall type and starmines.  In addition, you can buy festival type food and drinks as there are about 80 stalls in the main viewing area.

Reserved area

You can spectate for free, but if you would like to enjoy priority seating there is a reserved area. A seat in the reserved area costs 3000 yen. There is also a table area: a table and chairs for up to 4 people costs 15,000 yen. In addition, you can reserve a mat area, which fits up to 3 people, for 5000 yen. Tickets go on sale on Tuesday July 18th and will remain on sale, subject to availability, until noon on the day before the festival.


Event: Yorii Tamayodo Suitengu Festival (Suitenguusai) 寄居玉淀水天宮祭

Date: Saturday August 5th

Time: from 7 pm to 9 pm

Cost: free to spectate, but if you want a seat in the reserved area prices start from 3000 yen. See above.

Venue: Tamayodo 玉淀河原, Yorii, Osato District, Saitama 369-1203. View on Google Maps.

Suitengu Festival Access

There is free parking for up to 2000 cars, spread out over 18 different parking lots! Even still, you would want to arrive early to secure a place. The furthest away is at the excellent Saitama Museum of Rivers and by the Kawasemi-gawara river area. The parking lots open from 5 pm to 10 pm. The nearest station is Yorii station on the JR Hachiko, Tobu Tojo and Chichibu Railway lines. It is only about a 15 minute walk from the station. However, it can be quite muddy, so appropriate footwear is advised.

Official event page.

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