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Hidaka Sougou (Sogo) Park is a local park, much used by the locals. The Japanese sougou 総合 is used to indicate a multi-purpose park and that is exactly what Hidaka Sougou park is. It is often translated into Hidaka Total Park or Hidaka Comprehensive park in English. The park is free in, with free parking. It isn’t particularly large and is often overshadowed by the nearby Chikozan Park. But it has a nice place ground and an even nicer “babbling brook” that children can play in during the summer months…

Hidaka Total Park


The playground in Hidaka Sougou Park
The playground in Hidaka Sougou Park

This playground was installed in March 2013, replacing a wooden athletic playground.  Now it is a colourful combination equipment playground that suits children of many ages. There are climbing nets, monkey bars, balancing beams, slides, spring rides and sand pits.  All, but the sand pits, displayed in the photos above.


Paddling pool available in the summer
Paddling pool available in the summer

This park boasts a 165 metre long “babbling brook” (せせらぎ水路), aka wading river, with a paddling pool at the base. It is an artificial water play area and is only open in the summer months. In 2023, that will be:

  • July: the 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th – 17th and also from the 19th to the 31st.
  • August: daily, except for the 7th and the 21st

What I like about the water play area in Hidaka park is that the wading river is protected by the trees. They afford much needed shade during the hot summer.

Exercise Equipment & Flying Fox

There is also exercise equipment and a flying fox in the wooded area beside the playground.

Sporting facilities and club house

Club house at Hidaka Park
Club house

There are tennis courts, a baseball pitch, a soccer pitch and 400 metre running track, that can be used at a charge. The club house manages bookings. In addition, there is a shower room and toilets in the club house.  The website and contact details of the park.

Soccer Ground and 400 metre long running track
Soccer Ground and 400 metre long running track

Seasonal Activities

  • Hanami / Cherry Blossom Viewing Picnic Area
Hanami area
Hanami area

Hidaka Sougou Park is a popular spot during Japanese Cherry Blossom season. There is a long line of trees alongside the river with dedicated space for setting up picnic mats under the trees.

  • Bug Hunting
The forest in Hidaka Sougou Park, ideal for bug hunting in the summer and acorns in the winter
The forest in Hidaka Sougou Park, ideal for bug hunting in the summer and acorns in the winter

The wooded area in Hidaka is ripe with wildlife during the summer. It is possible to catch beetles and stag beetles; a popular hobby of young Japanese children.

  • Acorn Collecting

Kids love to collect acorns in Japan. This is one of many parks in Saitama, where you can find acorns.

  • Geocaching

There are four caches hidden in Hidaka Total Park. (More on Geocaching)

Other facilities

There are toilets in the park, two of which are right beside the playground. In addition, there are drinking fountains. There are also changing rooms and showers in the Club House, which can be used at a price.

Hidaka Sougou Park Access

Official website

Address: 1500 Takahagi, Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture. On Google Maps (click)

By Car: Off route 407, near Musashi Takahagi train station, right beside Hidaka Country Club.

By Train: About a fifteen minute walk from Musashi Takahagi Station on the Kawagoe line.


There are other nice parks and play areas near this park in Hidaka. I recommend Chikozan Park in neighbouring Sayama, with a small zoo and fun playground. In addition, there is also Saiboku Ham nearby, which has a free play area. Moreover, they have a lovely (charged) athletic playground that was added in 2020. Furthermore, you can pay to enjoy an onsen there. There is also a really nice buffet restauarant near the park: Market Terrace.

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